Zebronics Fitness Band Competes with Foreign Fitness Bands

Zebronics, the country’s leading tech company promoting Made in India, has launched its latest smart fitness band. This device from Zebronics is named ZEB-FIT920CH.


It comes with seven sports modes. Its price is 1699 rupees. The Fitband will get features like heart-rate monitor, sleep monitor, step and calorie tracking.



Its special feature is that unlike the traditional fitband design, the company has given it a smartwatch-like design. The band will be available in two color options – Red and Black. It is available on the e-commerce side Amazon.

Zebronics Fitness Band Features

  • The fitband has a 1.37-inch TFT square shape display and comes with 100+ pre-loaded watch faces.
  • https://generalstudies4u.com/zebronics-fitness-band/
  • The fitness band can be connected with the smartphone using the ZEB-FIT 20 Series app.
  • Using the app, users can monitor sleep patterns, heart rate and step count on smartphones.
  • https://generalstudies4u.com/zebronics-fitness-band/
  • The company claims that the ZEB-FIT920CH comes with waterproof durability.
  • In addition, there is a sports mode for outdoor use, which includes badminton, cycling and football.
  • https://generalstudies4u.com/zebronics-fitness-band/
  • Being smart wearable, it will also control the camera of the phone.
  • The band will also have the feature of Find Phone, so that the phone can be found while away from the smartwatch.


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