Top 14 Work From Home Jobs

Work From Home Jobs

Work From Home Jobs: There are many things that you do part time from home. In this article, we will tell you what are the things you can do from home.

Teach tuition

Many people teach tuition from home and earn good money. If you also like teaching then this can work. When the number of children increases, you can open coaching at home and earn big money. There is also a lot of respect in this work.

Offline / online data entry

You can also do data entry work while sitting at home. Nowadays data entry work is done in many government and private departments. Thousands of forms have to be filled. In social welfare department, many people get big job of scholarship data entry. They bring such work home and do data entry work online offline. Many people work to get the form filled.

Become an insurance agent

You all will be familiar with this work. Many people become insurance agents. It also gets good commission. Your communication skill must be good to do this work. You must be a friendly person. Only then you will be able to befriend people and insure them. In this work, the way of talking is also very important.

In today’s time, everyone buys an insurance policy. Everyone needs insurance. Once this work is done, you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month. You may have low income initially. Many insurance companies like LIC, SBI Insurance, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, HDFC Life Insurance, Bajaj Alliance are in the market nowadays.
Work From Home

Do network marketing

Network marketing has also become very popular nowadays. Amway is a similar network marketing job in which you have to connect a few people. Those people then add some new people and thus a network is formed. You get some commission from the business done by the people you add to the series.

Dance classes

If you know how to dance then you can also earn good money by giving dance classes. Nowadays the fees of dance classes in metro cities are also expensive. Fees are charged from 2 to 3 thousand per student.

Teach music

If you know music, you can earn money by watching music classes at home. Under this, musical instruments such as harmonium, tabla, guitar, violin, piano are taught. By teaching music, you can earn 5 to 20 thousand rupees a month comfortably.

Candle industry

You can also earn money by making candles at home. This is an industry that does not cost too much. You can start this work by applying 10 to 20 thousand. In this, you will need raw materials like candle, thread, mold.

Earn money by becoming a freelancer

You can earn money by free lancing from home. There are a lot of functions under freelancing such as content writing, website development, software development, social media manager, virtual assistant, SEO consultancy etc.

Gradually such jobs are increasing in India because every person is now using the Internet. The scope of the smartphone and computer has increased significantly. By doing this work, you can earn 5 to 30 thousand rupees a month while sitting at home.

Become a property dealer

Nowadays the work of property dealing has increased a lot. Buying and selling land is called property dealing. If you do not have any capital, you can earn money by consulting other people.

Shortage of heavy commission is given on selling land to other people. In this way even nowadays people are earning a lot of money. Along with this, commission of 10 to 30% is given on selling houses, shops and other properties.

Become YouTube

You must have heard about YouTube. Nowadays many people are making good money by making channels on YouTube. It is a matter of hobby. You can also create your own YouTube channel. You can earn money by cooking, dancing, acting, funny, educational, technical videos.

Affiliate marketing

Nowadays every e-commerce company offers Affiliate Marketing program. In this you get a link. Through that link, you get 2 to 20% commission in whatever products you choose.

All big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba offer affiliate marketing. If you have a large fan base. If thousands of people follow you, then you can earn money by selling products from affiliate marketing links on your Facebook page or website / blog.

Teach yoga

Yoga has become very popular all over the country nowadays. Many people have started earning money by giving yoga classes. Those who teach yoga properly are in good demand. You can also do this work. In this way you can earn 5 to 15 thousand rupees a month.

beauty Parlour

Many people earn money by opening a beauty parlor at home. Your skill is seen in this work. If your work is good then gradually your fame increases and there is no shortage of customers. The beauty parlor work is also very good. 10 to 20 thousand rupees can be earned in this month too. But you have to learn this work.

Open shop at home

Many people who have a house in the market open a shop at home. This has two advantages, he also stays in the house and some income is also made. You can earn money by selling all the items like grocery, stationery, beauty products, snacks, chocolate ice cream at the shop.


Work From Home Jobs

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