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WordPress Information: WordPress One is open source CMS (content management system) software. With its help, you can create a dynamic website or blog. It is a total free of charge, which is owned only by W. Only you.

You can also modify it according to your economy, you can also do this sale. CMS stands for Content Management System, it is a kind of software, it allows you to manage text, photos, videos, etc. WordPress is completely based on CMS.


WordPress Features Info:

  • User Management: In WordPress you can change and edit user related information. Create user, delete, edit password, etc. etc.
  • Media Management: In WordPress you can easily upload, download and organize media such as photos, videos and more.
  • Theme System: In WordPress you can install and update themes, modify them as you like.
  • Plugins: In WordPress you can make your website and blog even more beautiful and attractive with the help of plugins. With the help of plugins you can add many types of functions.
  • Search Engine Optimization: WordPress has many tools available that are useful for the SEO of your blog and website.
  • Multilingual: It allows you to translate into multiple languages.
  • Import and Export: You can import and export your file, data.

Benefits of WordPress (Information):

  • First, it is completely independent, ie open source.
  • Many of its plugins and templates are free, which are important for your website and blog.
  • Media files can be easily uploaded and downloaded to WordPress.
  • There are many ways that users can create in WordPress, such as admin, author, editor, and contributor.
  • It provides many SEO tools that simplify on-site SEO.

Disadvantages :

  • Using more plugins can overwhelm a website or blog.
  • Knowledge of PHP is required to make any modification to WordPress.


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WordPress Information

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