Why we should not shutdown Computer’s or Laptop’s or Smartphone directly?

Why we should not shutdown Computer’s or Laptop’s or Smartphone directly?


Laptops and computers are available nowadays and this technology is the era, so it is very important to know why it is important to shut down the laptop and computer properly and why the laptop and computer laptop should not be shut off or shut down! What is the harm from direct shut down and what can be the problem in your laptop or computer! And why can the problem be caused by directing off!

Today I am going to tell you about why you should not do a direct shut down or power off and what are the disadvantages of this –

Normally, if you close a laptop or computer, then it is done by going to the option of shut down properly. The biggest advantage of shutting down correctly is that whenever you turn off the laptop or computer, first of all it will ask you to save all the documents running on your computer because maybe you can save a document. If you forget to do this then it gives you another chance so that your document does not get spoiled and deleted. So this is the biggest advantage of direct shoot down

Disadvantages of Direct Shut Down or Off Laptop or Computer

Whenever a user runs a laptop or computer, in order to run it, many programs are running in the background of your laptop or computer, whether you are watching the same game, office or a video, but that thing in the right way To run, there are a lot of programs running in the background of your computer, if you want, you can go to your task bar and click on the details! You will see that you will find many applications running there and that is why your laptop is in the right way Is running and you are working on this computer!

His operating system is always installed on his hard disk in a laptop or computer, and any application you want to run runs through RAM and appears on your screen! Many applications fetch data from the hard disk through RAM and appear on your screen, that’s why many applications in the background continue to run through the RAM from the hard disk.

When you turn off your laptop, the computer sends the information to all the applications running by RAM that your system is going to shut down, you should go to your place and after that all the applications are running. Shut down and your computer shuts down correctly after some time

But if you shut down your computer or laptop directly or turn off the power, then the data that was running on your computer through RAM will not be able to get the time and the data will not be in its proper place due to direct off. Will get it and it will remain in the middle! And the data left in RAM gets deleted after the data light goes away! Because RAM is a random access memory and the only thing is that the data it contains gets deleted as soon as its power is turned off! Why we should not shutdown Computer’s

After that whenever you go on your computer or laptop, that data will not get its place because the data which is left in RAM is now exhausted, that data is now deleted, then after that many times the window of your computer corrupts and sometimes window repair starts appearing! And in many hairs, there is no computer or laptop on and the computer window flies!
Although microsoft has given many other options for data backup, but those things do not work all the time, there may be a problem with you!

What else could be the problem of turning off the laptop ya Computer me Direct Power Off –
If you are transferring data from a memory card or pendrive and shutting down your computer directly, it may cause your data to blow up and your computer’s RAM may also be corrupted and the cpu may be messed up too!

At the time of window update, if you shut down the computer directly, then it may be that your window gets corrupted most of the time.

So friends, whenever you are running the computer, never turn it off directly and shut down properly, otherwise you may have the problem mentioned above!

I hope that you have understood this information, if you have any further questions or suggestions, then I will definitely reply you in the comment box below!


Why we should not shutdown Computer’s

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