Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day | The real story of Valentine’s Day

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day | The real story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Friends, I was watching the video of Rajiv ji Dixit one day, so I came to know the real story of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, which I want to share with you. Friends, 1600 years ago, the practice of getting married in European countries was not common at all. If you still watch Hollywood films, then you must have seen that despite being your wife, you start living with another woman and nobody had any objections. In this way, at that time, men used to live with women without marriage and to be content, they started living with other men or women. If you have heard the statement of the historians of that time, then in that too, sex was considered the joy of life and indulgence was indulged in luxury.

At that time many people in Europe considered it bad to live without marriage and to have children, in these times there was a Saint Valentin in Europe who studied Indian civilization and considered it wrong to live without marriage. He launched a campaign and made many boys of Europe his disciples. From Sayong, he became the pastor of the church and started marrying couples who had a love affair with his disciples in the church. In this way many people became followers of Valentin and used to motivate every person coming to the church for marriage. In this way, he got married of hundreds of young men.

During Valentin’s time, King Claudius of Rome ruled. When King Claudius came to know about Valentin, he was trying to change the culture of Europe for years. He thought that we are people who are having fun without marriage and it wants to change our culture and have been marrying people. For this reason, one day King Claudius ordered Valentin to be captured. Now when Valentin went to the court of King Claudius, Claudius asked “What are you doing, spreading iniquity, bringing a culture which is not acceptable to us and you should stop it”. When Valentin did not listen to King Claudius, he ordered Valentin to be hanged.

In this way, Valentin was hanged on 14 February 498. His allegation was that he used to marry children. At that time, the king used to sentence him to death for petty reasons and no one dared to oppose him. On the day they were hanged, the young women who married them at their behest, started celebrating that day as Valentine’s Day. Thus started celebrating Valentine’s Day in Europe. In Europe, only Valentine’s Day is celebrated by married people, but in India, people celebrate Valentine’s Day without any reason unknown to the story of Valentines.

It started trending in India in the 90s when the news of Valentine’s Day started in TV channels and newspapers. Due to this, in today’s era, schools and colleges began to celebrate Valentine’s Day indiscriminately. Some people started running business from this Valentine’s Day like those who make greeting cards and gift shops. 7 days before Valentine started celebrating a strange day, which he did not know the purpose. Boys write in greeting cards and send “Will you Be My Valentine” but those fools do not know that at that time, valentine meant marriage, whereas they consider it only friendship.

Shiv Sena has opposed Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day from the beginning. Instead of opposing it, I want to tell you the reality of how you are being influenced by foreign practices. Due to some of these foreign practices, love marriage started in a cultural country like India, in which they choose their life partner without the permission of the parents. India was the country when the children gave up their lives on the orders of the parents and in today’s time the children started considering themselves as better than the parents. You must have also seen that in the family in which love marriage started, there will never be an orange marriage in their future generations, because they will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Seeing the growing influence of love marriage, parents are not able to dispute too much because many children threaten to commit suicide and many also commit suicide. Seeing such examples, parents also get scared and keep their children free. For this reason, today the practice of joint family has ended completely. The husband goes out with his wife as soon as he gets married, even though he is getting less money at another place. I especially give this responsibility to Hindi films, by which children learn works like love marriage and suicide. Apart from this, “Live in Relationship” has also got recognition in big cities, due to which young men live together without marriage.

Friends, therefore, I urge the youth not to let the culture of India fade away. Stop adopting Western culture like Valentine’s Day and obey the parents’ orders while following Indian culture. This may not sound right to you, but will always keep you and your future generations happy. If you liked our message, spread it so that instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, the people of the country start celebrating Parents Day.

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