Why did Hitler marry just before death

Hitler marry just before death

From 25 April 1945, Hitler’s life had only one purpose – to prepare for his own death. In the last days of his life, Hitler worked and slept in a bunker built 50 feet below the ground. He used to go to the Chancellery garden only to get his favorite bitch Blondie exercised, where the wreckage of broken buildings collapsed by bombs all around. Hitler went to sleep at five or six in the morning and woke up around noon. Hitler’s girlfriend Eva Brown also used to live with him in this form. When Hitler came to know that his end was near, he decided to commit suicide. He asked Eva to leave the bunker and go to a safe place. But Eva Brown refused.


During his last days in the bunker, Hitler decided that he would give legitimacy to that relationship by marrying Eva Brown. Hitler made Goebbels and Brown his witness to Boorman. Huh, .. everyone took a drink for the health of Eva and Hitler. Eva drank a lot of champagne. Hitler also took a sip of champagne and started talking about the old days. At two o’clock Hitler sat down to have his last meal. Otto Guensche received an order to arrange for 200 liters of petrol and to fill it in jerry cans to the outer door of the bunker.

After the meal, Hitler finally came to meet his comrades. He shook hands with them without looking at their faces. His wife Eva Brown was also with him. At that time Hitler locked himself in the room. When Hitler did not open the door, his comrades broke the door. Hitler and Eva Brown’s body was lying inside. It is believed that Hitler must have shot himself around four o’clock.

Why did Hitler marry just before death

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