Afzal Khan

Why Afzal Khan carved his own and 64 wive’s graves

Why Afzal Khan carved his own and 64 wive’s graves

Adilshah, the Sultan of Bijapur, had great pride in his commander Afzal Khan. Therefore, when Shivaji Maharaj began to suffocate Adilshah, he entrusted him with the responsibility of catching Afzal Khan and appearing before him. Afzal was well aware of Shivaji’s bravery and diplomacy. Although he had a large army, he still relied heavily on astrology and prophets. Before going to war with Shivaji, his astrologers predicted that he would not return alive. At the same time, he decided that after his death, his wives should not remarry to Hindus, he planned to kill all 64 wives.

He took all his wives together to a secluded place outside Bijapur. Where a large stepwell was located, he began to push his wives into it one by one. Seeing these horrific malpractices, his two wives tried to escape but he ordered the soldiers to kill them. After killing all 64 wives, he built the tomb of everyone nearby there.

Afzal Khan was killed in 1659

He had already built a tomb for himself here. Although his body could not be brought here and he was buried in the fort of Pratapgad after death, but it also proves that he was very confident about his death, how can he fight Shivaji in such a mindset Fights? he was killed in 1659 in Pratapgarh Fort by the great warrior Shivaji, the pride of Hindus.

This historic slaughterhouse spread over five acres on a desolate site about 5 kilometers on the Bijapur-Athani road. “Saat Kabar” (the abbot of the sixty graves) is one such place. The place has graves built by Afzal, a commander of the Adilshahi Sultanate after killing his 64 wives. 64 tombs have been built on the black stone platform in this ruin.

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