Whoever went to this city of mysterious dead did not return

Whoever went to this city of mysterious dead did not return

Ancient Alanian necropolis outside the village of Dargavs, called “City of the dead”. North Ossetia-Alania, Russia

This hill, hidden among the five mountains, is covered with small white huts made of stone, it is difficult to count these slum structures. In these, the local people buried the bodies of their families. We are talking about the village of Dargavs in the remote deserted area of ​​North Ossetia, Russia.
Dead city
They say that the beautiful looking thing can also be dangerous, something like this is also with this place. This place, which fascinates the mind on seeing, is very beautiful, but still no one dares to go here quickly .. And even then, how do you live in this ‘city of dead’ where only corpses.
Countless basement buildings

This beautiful looking place from outside is also known as ‘City of the Dead’. This place is hidden among five high mountains. There are countless cellar buildings made of white stones here. Some of them are also 4 storeys high.

Huge cemetery

People’s bodies are buried in every floor of every building. The higher the building, the more corpse is in it. In this way every house is a grave and in every grave many bodies of people are buried. All these tombs belong to the 16th century. There are about 99 buildings here. In this way we can say that this place is a huge 16th century cemetery. Where even today the bodies of the people belonging to that time are buried. Each building belongs to a particular family in which only members of that family are buried.

What do the locals say

There are different beliefs about this place from the locals. People believe that the visitor to these buildings on the hills does not come back. Probably due to this thinking, hardly a tourist ever reaches here. However, the way to reach here is also not easy. It takes three hours to reach here through the narrow paths between the hills. The weather here is also a very big hurdle in the journey.

Weird tales

There are many other beliefs about here, people believe that people living here in the 18th century used to keep sick members of their families in these houses, give them food and other things here but they They were not allowed to go out …. until they died.

How was the life of the people here

This place is mysterious as well as exciting, so in addition to the Turist, archaeologists and scientists also have a special interest in it, to know how the life of the people living here was.

Archaeologists say something else

Archaeologists have been very interested in this place and they have made some unusual discoveries about this place. Archaeologists have found boats near the tombs here. He says that the dead bodies were buried in wooden structures, the size of which is like a boat. However, it still remains a mystery how the boat reached here even though the nearby river is not present. The belief behind the boat is that the soul has to cross the river to reach heaven, so it is buried on a boat.

Secret of well

Here archaeologists also found a well in front of every cellar. It is said about these wells that people used to throw coins in the well after burying the dead bodies of their families. If the coin collided with the stones present at the bottom, it meant that the soul reached heaven


city of mysterious dead

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