Who got the first victory expedition on the South Pole?

Who got the first victory expedition on the South Pole?

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Friends, as you know today, Google Doodle has dedicated the 105th anniversary of the first victory campaign of South Pole on its doodle. The expedition was started by Norwegian explorer Roald Emundson in 19 months with 19 men and 100 dogs. He left in October 1911 and crossed the dangerous Arctic and reached the South Pole in December 1911. Today, the same victorious campaign has been completed for 105 years, whose happiness Doodle has celebrated in his own unique way. Let us now tell you interesting facts related to this winning campaign.

01 Roald Emundson went to South Pole in secret after losing to North Pole
Roald Amundsen never told the world about his true intentions. Roald Amundsen initially planned to be the first to arrive at the North Pole, but before him, two Americans, Federica Cook and Robert Pieri, had conquered the North Pole before him, so they changed their direction to the yet untouched South Pole. Roald Emundson and his team left for the Arctic in August 1910 for the purpose of scientific exploration. When his ship reached Madeira Island, he told his friends that he was in the race to reach the South Pole before he kept this thing secret.

02 In his victorious campaign, Amundson was confronted by a team of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott who unfortunately died while returning from the South Pole.
Amundson and his team defeated another British explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s team by a margin of 35 days. Scott had left earlier for the South Pole victorious campaign and announced it in 1909 itself. Now Amundson was not able to reach the North Pole first, so he wanted to reach the South Pole first, so he took the help of scientific methods to reach Antarctica, which also benefited him. Scott and his team reached the South Pole, searching for the Norwegian flag, where Emandson had already buried the flag. However, Scott and his four companions were killed while returning.

03 Amundsen used dogs and good technique to reach South Pole in 3 months
Amundsen had done a good study of science before his victorious campaign on how to increase his speed on the ice. Amundson used dogs for his sled car while British explorers were hauling their belongings from the sled. Amundson was an accurate planner who used a fast-moving sled and skis and powerful ski boots and tents using superior technology. Amundsen also paid attention to a systematic nutrition and health to keep his team strong and move fast.

04 Amundson and his teammates leave behind a note by Victory Cigar P and Scott in the joy of winning the South Pole
On 14 December 1911, Emundson and his comrades organized a triumphant cigar and a dinner in the joy of South Pole Jitan. This team also left a note for the team that followed them, who arrived there after 35 days.

05 The Scientific Base of the South Pole is named after Amundsen & Scott
Amundson died in 1928 at the age of 55 in a plane crash, while Scott died while returning from the South Pole. A scientific base was built at the same place where they wore flags, which were named after both of them on Amundsen and Scott. This base was established in October 1956 when the first man after Amundsen and Scott stepped on the South Pole. The campaign was started under the leadership of the American Navy.


Who got the first victory expedition on the South Pole?

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