where is machine learning used today

where is machine learning used today

Machine Learning

(ML) – Today Scince and Technology has developed a lot. Technology is growing very fast day by day and new developments are taking place. What seemed impossible a few years ago, has become possible today. Today many such new machines have been invented which are capable of helping humans in every way.

Today’s era is of Artificial Intelligence. We also had to go into detail about Artificial Intelligence in the previous post about what it is and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

But with Artificial Intelligence, or because of it, another word or technology has come up called Machine Learning. If you are interested in technology, then it is possible that you must have heard about Machine Learning. If you are not fully aware of machine learning, then in this post today we are going to discuss this topic.

What is Machine Learning.? Are Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning both different.? What makes machine learning technology useful? Also, many such questions will be running in your mind about machine learning ..! In today’s post, we will discuss this topic (Machine Learning) and try to answer all your questions related to machine learning.

So let’s start friends and know what machine learning is, what are the examples of machine learning, what are the benefits of developing machine learning technology and why it is different from Artificial Intelligence ..?

Machine learning

Machine learning simply means to teach machines or computers, so that they can talk to humans just like humans. In this, such programming is set so that the computer can respond or understand like humans. Machine learning is a part or application of Artificial Intelligence that is designed to learn the system automatically and change itself accordingly. It can teach the system to read the program on its own without coddling by the programmers.

Machine learning is concerned with data mining and Bayesian predictive modeling. Machine learning takes some examples to understand their patterns and then uses that pattern to anticipate new examples in advance. In this, we give information about things to a machine or computer system based on experience.

If defined, machine learning means – a scientific study of machine learning algorithms and data models that are used to perform a particular task without giving explicit instructions to a computer system. In this process machine patterns and interfaces are used.

Examples of Machine Learning –

Machine learning technology is nowadays seen on many online platforms. You are also using machine learning technology today and it has also become a part of your life. If you still do not know, then I will give you some examples of machine learning –

If you watch youtube and every time you are watching videos of different categories, like – Comedy Video, News, Sports Video and Kids Videos, etc., then when you open YouTube, you will see videos of all these categories. But if you suddenly started watching a horror video on youtube and you only watch horror videos on youtube for a day or two, then when you open youtube in front of you you will show more horror videos, not news, comedy or music videos Will show or show less.

This simply means that a machine learning program has been set up in Youtube. He has now understood that you are no longer interested in News or Kids videos. Your interest is now more in horror video and if you are watching a horror video, then now it will recommit you to the horror video itself. Now you will know which videos you should suggest to you on YouTube.

Apart from this, there are some more examples of machine learning, such as –
  • Feature of Voice search found in Google, Youtube etc. In this, the machine understands your voice and puts your result in front of you. Now you do not need to write.
  • Google Translate is also an example of machine learning. If you do not know English, you can translate it into English by writing in Hindi. In this, the machine understands Hindi as well as English. So she gives you English from Hindi. You can speak almost anything with Google Translate, and speech recognition technology that works through machine learning will begin its work.
  • Let’s also take a different example. You collected 50 photos. Of these 49 photos are of 1 photo cat on the dog side. Now if you ask the computer to sort photos of these cats, then it will easily sort the cat photos out of so many photos.
  • This machine is learning and is possible with the help of algorithms. The medium of algorithms enables the machine to recognize the dog and the cat.
  • The best and true example of machine learning is the Personal Assistant. You can also take Google Assistant. Nowadays, the feature of Google Assistant is available in all smartphones. With its help, you can get the answer to any question or you can work as your personal assistant.

For example – If you say in Google assistant who is the Prime Minister of India, then your assistant will answer Narendra Modi.

If you have heard about Smart Home Technology then that is also an example of machine learning or ML.
So these are all examples of machine learning. In machine learning, machines are able to understand your voice and find the answer, because they have such algorithms set.

Is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence one –

The machine learning system is based on Artificial intelligence (AI). That is Artificial intelligence which is sometimes called machine intelligence. But this does not mean that machine learning and artificial intelligence are the same.

If you want to know about Artificial Intelligence completely, then I also told you about AI in the last post. You can read that post from here. If you want to understand the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence easily, then read this post first.

Machine learning is an application or algorithm of artificial intelligence that enables the system to learn on its own and improve itself. The concepts and tasks of both are different. Artificial intelligence is stronger than machine learning.

Types of machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are often divided into some categories. Let us know about this and their types –

Supervised machine learning algorithms
Unsupervised machine learning algorithms
Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms
Reinforcement machine learning algorithms

What is Traditional Programming –

Now after knowing about machine learning algorithms, another question may be arising in your mind that what is Traditional Programming? Is traditional programming the only machine learning. So let’s understand –

Traditional Programming – Traditional programming is a manual process that a human being or a programmer prepares. In this, all types of programs or data are prepared by a programmer coding and are limited to that coding or program, it is inserted into it.

Machine Learning – Machine learning is different from formal programming. In it, algorithms create data automatically. None of its programs are designed by a programmer. Algorithems are made in it and then they learn by watching the environment around them and keep making programs. Meaning both machine learning and traditional programming are completely different from each other.

What is deep learning
Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning and an aspect of artificial intelligence. Deep learning is one of the machine learning techniques through which we teach computers what humans are doing. It is a large multi-layered neural network model that requires a lot of data and powerful GPUs to be trained.

This is somewhat different from machine learning, often people get confused in this and machine learning. Deep learning uses a sequencing algorithm while machine learning uses a linear algorithm.

Benefits of Machine Learning –
After knowing and understanding about machine learning and deep learning, now we also know about some benefits of machine learning –

In the field of Internet And Technology: The biggest advantage of machine learning is in digital and online sector. Major companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. use ML and this gives users both benefits and security in searching and surfing and companies also benefit greatly from it. Online community machines are becoming better and safer day by day due to the use of learning technology.
Machine learning is being used in places like Facebook news feed and mobile app. For example, when you see the advertisement on the website while shopping online, all of that is machine learning.

Syber Security: Nowadays most of the tasks are online, so the problem of Syber security has increased considerably. Therefore, machine learning is no less than a revolution in this area. With the help of machine learning, cyber security will increase and this area will be greatly improved.
Helpful in Industrial Work: This technology can prove to be very helpful in the field of business. It may be able to predict sales and losses or gains. Its main features in this area are – accelerated research helps with forecasting and processing, data usage from uncertain sources and conveying legacy data of customer behavior.
In the medical and medical field: machine learning can bring a tremendous change in the healthcare industry, as it helps in the process of prescribing high-risk patients in addition to diagnosing as well as recommending the most effective medicines.

Online And Email Security: machine learning enables spam filtering systems to create new protocols that implement neural networks such as brains to eliminate email that is not needed.
Education – Since the advent of machine learning, education has also improved a lot. This has benefited both students and teachers. It is very helpful for online learning. In the coming time, the development of machine learning can make great progress in this field.
How to learn Machine Learning –
So, now it comes to how one can learn machine learning or what courses are there to learn machine learning. You have many options for learning machine learning, which you can choose from.

R Language – R is the most popular programming language for machine learning. You can choose R for this machine learning.

You can use Python in addition to R language to learn Paython – ML. Python is more popular than R because of an open source technology for learning machine learning. There is also a lot of training, coaching and packages for Python. There are many institutes that can learn Python. Therefore R language is not the only open source for ML. You can also select python.

TenserFlow.js – TensorFlow.js is a fairly good open-source platform for training and implementing machine learning models. So you can also choose it to learn ML.

Apart from this, if you want to learn ML and you already know all the basics about ML, or you know Basic Python or R Programming Language, then you can develop ML in web browser. You can use the API for model development, or if you already have a model available, you can develop or manage it. Work with TensorFlow.js model conversion to model the most appropriate pre-existing TensorFlow on a web browser.

Apart from this, you can study your model online. Rewrite pre-existing ML models that work with sensor data associated with web browsers or individual client-side statistics.

Future of Machine Learning (ML)
The future of ML is going to be very golden. The coming time will be for AI and ML. Right now Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are under development, it is very likely that in the future there will be more discoveries and improvements on this. On the basis of these discoveries, new machines will be invented. With the help of machine learning, many types of robotics machines will be created which will be able to change the world.

Machine learning is now one of the most popular subjects in computer science. Technologies such as digital, big data, artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are progressively shaping the future of work and jobs. In some advanced countries like China, machine learning is being used very much. There, preparations are on to make robots as soldiers in the army and robots as waiters in restaurants. There is a possibility that the use of machines will increase greatly around the world and you will see robots working in normal life. As you have seen in technology fiction movies.

So it is not wrong to assume that the next phase is of machine learning. So if you want to make a career in machine learning or do any other project then there will be no better option than this.

Conclusion – We have guided you today in this post about what is machine learning, what are its benefits and how to teach ML. Here today we have discussed about the work and benefits of machine learning and some examples of this technique.
There is no doubt that ML or Machine Learning is the biggest need of the future and it will become a part of the life and technology of common people. In the coming times in most things, machine learning will be used and we will be completely dependent on it. Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in this. If you want to go in this field then this can be a good option for you and it will be of great use in the future.

So friends, this was our post today or all the information about machine learning. In this, we have tried to give you all the necessary information about ML.

Hope you have liked this post about our machine learning – What Is Machine Learning (ML). If you still have any questions about machine learning, then do comment through the comments in the comment box and share your suggestions about this post through the comment. Also share this post with your friends on social media so that they can also be helped and get information about machine learning.

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