When is Christmas eve

When is Christmas eve | History

When is Christmas eve

When is Christmas eve

Friends, as Christmas is the most celebrated festival in the world. For the last 2000 years, the Christmas festival has been celebrated all over the world. The gender festival is celebrated by the people of Christianity to celebrate the birthday of Prabhusu, who laid the foundation of this religion in knowing from his miracles. In addition, family members await gifts given by Santa Claus to young children. In the US, Christmas is a state holiday since 1870.

From the birth of Lord Jesus to his rebirth, we must have seen many films and dramas. The history of the actual day of Lord Jesus’ birth has not yet been known, because Jesus’ birthday was not celebrated until three centuries after Jesus’ birth. Even in the Bible, the actual day of Jesus’ birthday is not written anywhere. Only the shepherds present at the birth of Jesus believed between winter and spring.

The birthday of Jesus’ birthday was officially celebrated for the first time on 33 December. According to the Roman calendar, after which Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year. According to the Roman calendar, many people started celebrating Christmas on 25 December. But some People still used to celebrate Easter as the main festival. The State holiday started in Britain from 1870.

The Birth and History of Jesus

It is said in the Bible that before the birth of Jesus, it was predicted that on earth a son of God would be born who would rise the world and consequently Jesus was born. Jesus was born in a cowshed whose first news came to Gaderio and at the same time, a star made the prophecy of the birth of God come true. Till the age of 30, he roamed many places and served the common man with his miracles. Jesus had foreshadowed his death as well and he told all this to his followers. He prayed to God for the people who killed him even while swinging on the cross.

Some facts related to Christmas

Let us give you some facts related to Christmas Christmas. The tradition of Christmas tree has been celebrated since the 8th century, but the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree in 1912 at the request of his father of a sick child named Jonathan was called the Christmas tree. Started with decorating. Every year more than 3 million original Christmas trees are sold only in the US. Around 20000 Christmas tree growers in the US And every tree is ready to sell in 15 years.


In Greek and Russian churches, Christmas is celebrated for 13 days after Christmas, which is called Three Kings Day and on this day Lord Jesus was reborn. Now we give you information related to the origin of Santa Claus, Santa Claus, born in the country of Turkey, was named after Nicholas, who was a pastor. Nicholas was the senior-most clergyman in 325 CE and named him “childlike demon”, attributing his responsibility to Jesus’ death.

When is Christmas eve

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