What would be the result if you fall into a black hole?

What would be the result if you fall into a black hole?

Artist’s concept of what a future telescope might see in looking at the black hole at the heart of the galaxy M87. Clumpy gas swirls around the black hole in an accretion disk, feeding the central beast. The black area at center is the black hole itself, defined by the event horizon, beyond which nothing can escape. The bright blue jet shooting from the region of the black hole is created by gas that never made it into the hole itself but was instead funneled into a very energetic jet.

What will happen if you fall into a black hole? Perhaps you think that you will die. But in such a situation many other things can happen to you apart from this.

Black hole is the place in space where no laws of physics work. Its gravitational field is very powerful.

Nothing can be saved from its vibe. Even after entering here, the light does not come out. It absorbs all the light falling on it.

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Einstein has said that the gravity of anything wraps the space around it and gives it a curve-like shape.

Burnt to ashes, it’s not necessary

May be you have gone out on a different planet in search of life or you have got out of a spacecraft and only then you are hit by a black hole.

Your guess is that the black hole will crush you. However the reality may be quite different from this.

If you are hit by a blackhole, two things can happen to you. Either you will be burnt to ashes immediately or you will be trapped in a black hole without any loss.

When a giant star reaches its end, it starts shrinking within itself. Gradually, it becomes a huge black hole and starts covering everything.

Stephen Hawking’s Event Horizon

Its exterior is called the event horizon. Due to the quantum effect, hot particles break down and start spreading in the universe.

According to the discovery of Stephen Hawking, due to Hawking radiation, one day the black hole disappears after being completely mass free.


When you reach inside a black hole, it is infinitely curved at the center. Both time and space lose their meaning by coming there and no law works in physics.

No one knows what will happen after reaching here. Will another universe come or will you forget everything and reach the new world. This mystery still remains.

An imaginary partner looking at you

Colliding black holes. Illustration of the merger of two black holes, a phenomenon that creates gravitational waves as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The effect is most pronounced where extremely massive objects (black holes or neutrons stars) are subject to extremely high acceleration. In February 2016, gravitational waves were detected for the first time, 100 years after Einstein’s prediction. The waves emanated from the collision of two black holes around 1.3 billion light years away. The waves were detected by the LIGO detectors in the USA.

Suppose you also have a fellow Zen in your journey. She is standing outside and watching you go inside a black hole. If you come towards the event horizon, Zen finds you as if you are looking at you with a magnifying glass.

You see him in slow motion. You cannot tell him anything by giving him a voice. Because there is no wind. You may send a message from your iPhone through an app (if such an app is available).

Because your words must be arriving very late, which is because the frequency inside the black hole will decrease continuously.

When you reach the horizon, Zen will be found freezing as if someone has pressed your pause button. There will be no speed in you and you must have come in the grip of horrific heat of the horizon.

Due to Hawking radiation, you will be transformed into ashes before the black hole reaches the darkness.

While we think about your funeral, we forget about Zen and think from your perspective. It can be a very bizarre experience.

All ages in black holes?


When falling into a black hole, you will go on falling into the black hole, without any shock, discovering the secrets of nature. It would be like a free fall, which Einstein called ‘Happiest Thought’.

Even if there is something called event horizon, it is not your concern right now.

It is sure that if the size of the black hole is small then you may have problems. The force of gravity will then be felt more on your feet than on your head. But let’s assume that this black hole is much larger than our Sun.

There is also a reality that in a big black hole, you can spend your whole life in general. By the way how normal it can be, it is a matter of thinking.

Because space and time will have no meaning in it. Any of your wishes will not work. You cannot even reverse.

When you think about it, you find that it is an experience related to time. Time only moves forward. Does not move backwards. It also grows against our wishes and prevents us from taking a turn behind.

This means that you cannot turn into a black hole nor can you leave a black hole and run away.

At such a time, a question will surely come to your mind that what happened to Zen was on the surface of the event horizon because it was set to burn.

Actually Zen was thinking logically. From his perspective, you will burn on the black hole horizon.

This is not an illusion. She can also collect your remains and send it to the people of your family.

But as soon as you go inside a black hole, the laws of Zen physics will not work on you.

On the other hand, according to the laws of physics, you can go directly inside the horizon. Without hitting hot particles… neither would violate Einstein’s theory of Happiness and Relativity.

So in this sense according to physics, either of the two situations can happen to you. You can get burnt on the outer surface of the black hole or you can easily reach inside it.

In the summer of 2012, Ahmed Almehiri, Donald Marolc, Joe Polchinski and James Sule (also known as AMPS) changed our opinion of the black hole so far.

According to these four physical scientists, it is possible to get information inside the black hole event horizon without going inside.


For this, all four used the principles of quantum mechanics and Einstein. According to him, distant objects can be connected to each other in space. They are only two parts of one.

However, no result emerged from this theory as well. This is still the most controversial question of basic physics.

Daniel Harlow of Princeton University, New Jersey, and Patrick Hayden of Stanford University California tried to find out what kind of connection the two objects in space, you and the black hole’s interior, have.

In 2013, both of them found that if the attempt was made to detect it even with the fastest computer, it would take a long time to detect this connection, it may take so long to decode it, as long as  itself is complete Will be destroyed.

It is obvious that in such a situation, both the answers remain in place of what will happen to you if you fall inside the black hole.

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