What is the secret of the Dead Sea, why does no person drown in it?

What is the secret of the Dead Sea, why does no person drown in it?

Dead Sea in which no one is going to die..No one sink in this sea

There are some amazing things around the world that we are surprised to know about. While bathing in the sea or the river, there is only one fear that one should not drown in water. But today we will tell you about the world, where no one can drown even if they want to. The name of this community is the Dead Sea which is known as Dead Sea. It is present in Sagar Israel. It is the world’s smallest and least spread sea. This group is 65 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide. This ocean is 1375 feet deep from the earth’s surface. The Dead Sea is the lowest point of the earth called the ocean.


Every sea water is saline, but Dead Sea water is 33 percent more saline than other seas. This is the reason why no fish or creature can survive in this ocean. But at the same time, this water is also beneficial for health, bathing in this water can eliminate many diseases. Dead Sea water contains 20 times more bromine, 50 times magnesium, and 10 times iodine than ordinary water. In this, magnesium bromine to calm the arteries, magnesium to remove skin allergies and iodine increases the efficiency of many glands.

Due to the density of the dead sea, there is no drowning in this community, that is why people enjoy it. Salt content is very high in this community. Salt dunes can also be seen clearly in this community. Due to the density of this water, you can do many things while staying in water, like reading news papers and magazines, besides drinking tea and coffee. Tourism has also developed a lot here. Picnic spots have been developed here, hotels have been made. There is a crowd here all the time, people enjoy swimming in the water here, as well as rubbing its mud on their body, which enhances the skin.


The water of this ocean is very useful, many things have been associated with it, it is said that Cleopatra also used this water to enhance its beauty. Apart from this, great philosophers like Aristotle also told the importance of this water. But now slowly its water started to decrease. The water route of the reservoirs coming to this sea has been changed. And apart from this, the mineral industry is also exploiting this water tremendously. This water is used by these industries to make cosmetic products. It is believed that if this water is not preserved in time, then one day the existence of this ocean will disappear.

What is the secret of the Dead Sea

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