what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality is going to explain the difference in both what is VR and AR and what is the difference or difference between the two.

Friends, the world of Gaming is currently dominated by two technologies, one is AR (Augmented Reality) and the other is VR (Virtual Reality). These two words sound alike, but their technique and usage are different. They can be used in computers and Smartphones.

On the other hand, these two companies are greatly promoted by companies like Google, Apple. Talking about the main differences between the two, VR or VR (Virtual Reality) technology takes the user to a digital virtual world completely different from the existing reality but matches it, while AR or AR (Augmented Reality) uses Real World. While adding Virtual or Digital Elements to it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer technology that is used to create a fantasy world that makes you feel like you are in that world. Virtual Reality is used for application related to High Visual Multimedia in 3d environment.
In Virtual Reality, Artificial Environment is created with the help of some special hardware and software, so that the user feels like Artificial Environment Real Environment, in Virtual Reality 3d and 360 degree view video technology is used, in this you can move the video in every direction. – You can look back.

It uses VR headsets and computers to create a digital and virtual space separate from the real world and interact in it. Many Visual Effects and Sounds are used in it, which gives VR Games a more real experience. People who play games on mobile and computer can become part of them through VR.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology in which a computer-generated image is superimposed on a real-world user view. Reality is also changed here with the help of computer generated visual, audio, haptic etc.

This technique is also called Mixed Reality, because superimpose images created from a computer to a real-world user view, creating a view that you cannot tell the difference between real and virtual worlds.

Apps: Searching Augmented Reality or Augmented Reality on Play Store offers many applications that support Android – iOS, such as Zombies Go !, Google Goggles, Just a Line, Giphy World and Quiver.

Mobile Devices and Apps for VR and AR Technology

Buy a cheap VR device called CardBoard from Google at home
Can only connect with mobile phone. For this, you can select these apps by downloading “Google Cardboard” from Play-Store, such as – Titans of Space for Space Trawel, Jurassic VR for Dinosaur World, Fish Schooling to go to the depths of the sea, etc.

So friends, today was the special information about Virtual Reality (VR) Technology and Augmented Reality (AR) Technology and the difference between them. Now there is a tremendous competition among companies making smartphones. This is the reason, that the visible difference in hardware is getting eliminated. Now the real battle between smartphones is happening of Software. Apart from Artificial Intelligence, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system is also becoming dependent on Augmented Reality, in order to prove itself better. These digital technologies will dominate in the coming time or a few years.

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