What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

Power Bank

Many people think that there is only one battery in the power bank, and just the battery is charged, and then the same battery charges our phone. But this does not happen. Power bank has very complex equipment. The circuits that are installed inside it manage how many volts of current we have to send, because if we charge the mobile battery not with 4.2 volts but any other volt, then the battery can be hot, and this battery Is also not good for life.

The power bank consists of very complex circuits, which manage to discharge from current volts, and the input is also from a fixed voltage. That is why the power banks of the branded company come with high price, because very complex electrical components are used in it. If you want to get a good power bank, then definitely read the last paragraph of this article.

How are Power bank distributed?

It is first decided how many mah batteries are to be installed, and the outside design is made with plastic, then the battery is fitted inside it, and the batteries are joined with the circuit, So that the charging can be done at only one voltage, and then the same circuits are fitted with USB ports to charge the battery, and then LED lights are installed so that the percentage of charging left is known. After the plastic box is completely sealed, and the company logo is applied on top, if there is a power bank of samsung, then Samsung logo is applied, if any other brand, then that brand A logo is placed on it, and the power bank is fully prepared.

What are power banks?
A power bank is a device or device from which we can charge our mobile travel or emergency when we do not have the facility to charge. There is also a battery in the power bank, like the phone but, the capacity of that battery is very high, so that our phone can charge 3 to 4 times as well. And as technology advances, the capacity of power banks is also increasing, and nowadays wireless powder banks are coming in the market. But looking at today’s fast charging, it does not seem that the power banks are going to last much in the future, because today’s phones charge up to 60% in 15 to 20 minutes, and due to such fast charging, people and banks are less Therefore, the future of power bank is in danger.

Who invented the power bank (Powerbank)?
Power Bank was invented not by any person but by a company named “PISEN”. It is a Chinese company, and according to a 2017 report, more than 2 crore power banks of this company are sold.

Which power bank should I get?
While taking a power bank, it should not only look at its capacity but also the quality. Power bank should always be branded. And should take multi-ports and LEDs together. In the next paragraph we will learn about why LED should be taken. There are some reputed companies making power banks, such as Anker, Xioami, One Plus, Samsung, power bank of these brands should be taken. Try power bank to buy online, sometimes duplicate power bank can also be found in offline market.

Power banks range from ₹ 800 to ₹ 2000, those with 10000mah can get from around ₹ 800 to ₹ 900, those with 20000mah can get up to ₹ 1500, and those with 30000mah and banks get up to ₹ 2000, and And this price is for branded power banks, duplicate power banks are cheap, but they deteriorate very quickly, and they do not get any warranty.

While taking the power bank, it should not only look at its capacity but also the quality. Power bank should always be branded. And should take multi-ports and LEDs together. In the next paragraph we will learn about why LED should be taken. There are some reputed companies making power banks, such as Anker, Xioami, One Plus, Samsung, power bank of these brands should be taken. Try power banks to buy online, sometimes duplicate power banks can also be found in offline market.

What things to keep in mind while buying?
The biggest mistake people make when taking a power bank is that they take a power bank of any brand, or take a power bank from a local shop, in that case the chances of getting a duplicate power bank are greatly increased, So try to buy power bank or any other electronic gadget online, you will get good and original products from the trusted website like Amazon, Flipkart, so don’t trust a local shop, and power banks at public places absolutely Do not take. While taking the power bank, you also have to take care of the brands, big friends such as Samsung, Anker, Oneplus, Xiaomi take the power bank of these brands. You will also get a warranty with these brands. What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

How to charge power bank?
How much to charge the power bank, it is written on the user manual found with it, and those who are from the branded company’s power bank get charged in about 1 to 2 hours, completely. Fast charging is also supported in the power banks of Samsung, Anker, Oneplus, Xiaomi.

What is cheap, good, small and fast charging power bank?
If you want to get a power bank for the lowest price, then click on the link given above, where you will get a very good power bank at a very low price. But if you have to take a very cheap power bank, it will go bad in 6 months, so in the above link you will get the best and fast charging power bank of the market. They should not expect more fast charging from the power bank because the battery has DC ie direct current, so it cannot be fast enough like AC or alternative current. And output is limited to a limit from DC current. What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

The power bank has many advantages, such as if you are going on a trip outside, then you cannot charge the phone outside, then the power bank will be very useful to you. Using the power bank will not heat your battery either, because if you charge your phone too fast, then its battery gets hot, but the power bank which is there, it is on the direct current (DC) of the phone. Charges the battery. The battery is charged at the same voltage, and the phone’s charger changes the current (AC) current to direct current (DC), and then charges, but the ones that are the power bank, directly ( DC) charge on current, so the battery does not have any problem. By the way, there is no problem in charging the phone with the charger, but if the phone is charged from the power bank, then its battery will last longer, if the phone battery runs 10 hours with normal charging, then charging from the power bank But 1 hour extra will increase.

How do you use Power Bank?
The power bank is another battery just like your phone battery, and when your phone battery runs out, you charge the first battery from the second one, and the power bank has some complicated circuits and components, Which manages the voltage. The power bank’s battery is very large, so you can charge it for two-three hours a night, if you have to go out on the second day, and whenever your phone battery is low, you and by attaching it to the bank Can be used.
To charge from the power bank, all you need is a USB wire, and there will be a big port on the outside, it will be in the power bank and the small port will be in the phone and just your phone will start charging. But your phone will be a bit slow compared to normal charging. But his battery will also last longer. What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

How to identify full charge in power bank?
To know how much the power bank charge is, LED light is used, so power banks should always be taken with LED only. And multi-ports power bank can charge any phone simultaneously. And this saves a lot of time.

How long does a power bank last?
The power bank of a branded company lasts for 3 to 4 years. His battery then responds. Then there is no charging capacity in it. That is why a power bank should be replaced after 3 to 4 years. Power banks run on cycles, a power bank runs up to 500 cycles. One cycle i.e. one charging from 0% to 100%. And if you charge the power bank every two days, then one power bank will run for 1,000 days. The battery capacity is slightly reduced after each cycle is completed, and after 500 cycles, the battery capacity is very low.

Does using the power bank damage the battery?
One current comes out from the power bank at a fixed voltage, and the charger of the phone also takes the current from one of the plugs, so here the power bank and charger are doing the same thing, and the charge Doing so does not damage the battery, so does not happen using a power bank. The power bank also charges on the same voltage, so there is no damage to the battery from the power bank. What is Power Bank and how the Power Bank works?

Leave the power bank on charge all night?
The new power banks that come in now have a lot of sophisticated and advanced components, so that the power bank knows how much has been charged. That is why you can leave the power bank of the new models on a carefree charge, because the current supply is stopped automatically as soon as it is fully charged.

Phone should be used while charging from power bank?
The battery of a phone is hot when charging it or while using the phone, and if both work together, the phone will be hot. And if you use the phone while charging, then the battery life will reduce quickly. Therefore, do not use the phone while charging the phone, and if possible switch off the phone and charge it.

How long does it take to charge a power bank?
The power bank gets charged in 1 to 2 hours, and the user manual comes with the power bank, it is also written about how long it will take. The LED light installed in the power bank also shows how much charge is left.

Why do power banks explode?
Duplicate brands that have a power bank often burst, because they do not have good circuits, and the batteries are not of good quality, and power banks also burst with over-charging, but which are branded power banks. They do not burst. That is why the link given above, buy power banks from there is absolutely original.

What is pass through charging?
One often gets to hear about pass through charging while taking a power bank, which means by an example. Suppose your phone and power bank both have finished charging, then the power bank which supports pass through charging can charge both the power bank and the phone simultaneously. This will first charge the phone and then charge the power bank. And this technology only happens in branded power bank. With this, both the phone and the power bank can be charged.

Why can’t a 10,000 mah power bank charge a 5,000 mah phone twice?
Output of 3.7 volts comes from the power bank, and the battery of the phone which is charged at 4.2 volts, that’s why there is a voltage down grade, due to which we do not get 100% energy of a power bank. There is no such thing in the world from which we can get 100% energy. For example, when charging the phone, the power bank is slightly warmer, and that energy comes from where that energy is from the capacitance of the power bank. That is why no power bank gives 100% energy.

A 10,000 mah power bank will be able to charge a 5,000 full charge once and about 80% the second time. With the help of some maths here, we can understand this. Here the voltage changes twice, that’s why 10,000 × 3.7 / 4.2 = 8,809. A 10,000 mAh power bank reduces the voltage to get this much capacity.

This was a complete article about the power bank and all its questions, like what are the other banks, and how power banks work, as well as we have also learned, how to use Power Bank ?, What are the things to keep in mind while buying Power Bank? And you also told that you should not take a thin power bank, branded company like Samsung power bank, or any other big power bank. If you want to buy a power bank, you can buy a power bank from the link given above, there you will get cheap, good, small and fast charging power bank. If you buy power bank from the link given above, then do tell us in the comments.

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