What is Network Protocol in Computer?

Network Protocol: Protocol means a rules, like we follow the rules while driving on the road, or when a VIP person is in a public place, there is a separate system for that.

Similarly, computer or networking devices are also able to communicate among themselves under one protocol. Everything and how to communicate between the networking devices is set by coding in a small software.

Network Protocol

Software rules or Network protocol

We call this small software rules or protocol. Protocols have the greatest contribution to network communication. Network communication means the exchange of information / data from one device to another, these devices use protocol / software / application / program and its port number to share information among themselves.

To understand the port number here, you have to understand an example. Suppose you went to a mall to shop with your family.


Here you must have noticed that there are different arrangements for entering goods, such as a separate line for men is a separate line for women and then you have to go through another gate to get out of the goods.

While the second gate to enter the goods, in the same way, if your luggage is bigger, then the gate to take it out of the goods will also be different. Friends, the same thing happens during network communication, there is different protocol and port numbers for every software, application.

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Friends, I am here sharing some important protocol, their full form and their port number. I hope this will be very helpful for you.

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