What Is Natural Rubber and Why Are We Searching for New

What Is Natural Rubber and Why Are We Searching for New

Natural Rubber

Rubber is an extremely important substance of the present era, which is used in various activities of our daily life. Rubber is obtained from the milk of a type of tree found in equatorial evergreen forests. This milk is called latex. It was first used to erase pencil marks. For this reason it was named Rubber. Soon it started working in many industries due to its elasticity, water resistance and electrical conductivity. The basin of the Mejan River is the original place of rubber trees. Initially it was obtained as a wild product from the forests of Zaire and Amazon, due to which it was called wild rubber. In the early 20th century, it started farming in plantations in Malaya and other countries of South East Asia, which came to be known as Plantaton Rubber. At the time of World War II, when Europe and North America stopped receiving rubber from South East Asian countries, these countries developed synthetic rubber.

Thus, there are two types of rubber-

Natural Rubber: Natural rubber is obtained from Latex produced from certain species of trees. In other words, rubber derived from natural sources is called natural rubber. It is a polymer of isoprene. Its molecular formula is C5H8 and molecular weight 68.

Synthetic Rubber: Rubber derived from synthetic sources is called synthetic rubber. The credit for the development of synthetic rubber goes to Mathews and Hariss. They reacted the isoprene with sodium at 60 ° C temperature to obtain a polymer similar to natural rubber, called synthetic rubber. Examples – Woven-N-Rubber, Woven-S-Rubber, Polystyrene, Duprene Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Thiokol Rubber, Poly Vinyl Chloride, etc.


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