What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a Debian Basd Free Open source Operating system! Just like Windows Operating System is Windows .EXE Based Operating System but it is not free Windows is a product of Microsoft!

There are some in build tools inside Kali Linux which are used to test the security of a system, server or website!

It is used in Penetration testing and information gathering. Through this, Loop holes over the target network are found to be Vulnerability and all kinds of weakness of the network from which it is threatened and this target network can be anyone!



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But it depends on the person that he is working on it for testing or whatever the intention is for hacking, whatever kind of software and tools are required in this type of work! It is not necessary that only kali linux is used in penetration testing, this work can also be done by other operating systems but

In that you will have to install tools external, but the tools used in penetration testing are in build tools in kali Linux, which makes this work a little easier! And friends where it comes to Hacking! There are two aspects to everything.

Whitehat Hackers find weaknesses and Vulnerability in any type of website or system. And BlackHet hackers take advantage of them and do the wrong thing!

The kali linux security tester makes it a little easier to do the work of an ethical hacker because when a security expert will do the job of testing security on any other operating system other than kali linux, he should be able to perform that particular task.

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If you have to run all the Coding and Commands separately. Then he will have to spend a lot of time to do this work and if he uses kali linux here, then he gets all these tools made and he can do more work in less time. Can! That is why it is Kali Linux Favorite Operating System of hacker and Security Expert logo?

History of kali Linux

Kali linux to Offensive Security Ltd. The company has been formed by its main developers, Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns and Raphaël Hertzog. Who have contributed immensely in making this project! And even today Offensive Security Ltd is constantly working on Kali Linux and adding features and tools to it! Offensive Security Ltd.

The company is a security company that makes security related tools and offers its many types of security related services! At the time of the invention of kali linux, its name was not kali linux. Its name was Back Track which was changed to Kali linux in 2013 with a new version as well as updated like BackTrack or Kali linux.

Added and improved its performance Today Kali is as capable as any other Debian based operating system along with Linux Security testing.

Is Kali Linux Version something like this?

May 25th 2006 BackTrack 1.0 Released
March 6th 2007 BackTrack 2.0 Released
June 19th 2008 BackTrack 3.0 Released
January 9th 2010 BackTrack 4.0 Released
May 10th 2011 BackTrack 5.0 Released
August 13th 2012 BackTrack 5.0 R3 Released
March 13th 2013 Kali Linux 1.0 Released

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