What is Inside the Kailash mountain?

What is Inside the Kailash mountain?

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is as beautiful as it is seen. It is equally or mysterious. How many mysteries are associated with Mount Kailash? A secret is that why this mountain has not been able to climb till date. It is not possible to tell all the secrets of Mount Kailash in one post. Nevertheless I am presenting to you some mystery of Mount Kailash.

The height of Mount Kailash is 6638 meters. And climbing Kailash mountain above it is considered impossible. Now a Conspiracy Theory is coming out, in which it is claimed that Mount Kailash may be hollow from inside. Earlier too many scientists in their research found that Mount Kailash is very much radioactive. And this radio activity is the same all around the mountain. And this can be possible only when its source is the center of this mountain….

By the way, Mount Kailash is considered the holiest mountain in our religion. And the Vedas also explain Mount Kailash. That no unholy soul can go to Mount Kailash. Because it is inhabited by Lord Shiva. Many scientists even claim that Mount Kailash is not natural, but it is built. In exactly the same way the “pyramids” have been built in Egypt. The pyramids are also hollow from inside. And inside it are also placed many idols of the gods. Mount Kailash is also millions of years old. And over time it has become more strict and mysterious

If we talk about the condition of Mount Kailash, then it is 6666 km from North Pole. And 13332 kilometers from South Pole, exactly twice the North Pole. Isn’t it amazing? Even in our Vedas, Mount Kailash is considered the center of the earth. And now scientists are also confirming this. A Russian professor, “Inst Mandosay”, in one of his extensive research, may have found that a whole city is located inside Mount Kailash.

This mountain was built in history so that in future also this civilization can be kept separate from the rest of the world. That professor also claimed that the way to get inside it could be on the top of this mountain. Because that is the one place that is the most difficult to visit. It is also said in our Vedas that only pure soul can reach Kailash mountain. And after reaching Mount Kailash, the path to heaven opens.

So in the end the question arises in our mind that, is there really a different civilization inside Kailash mountain? And is it really not a natural mountain but a structure of highly developed science? The answer can only be found from this mountain.

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