what is cloud storage and how does it work

what is cloud storage and how does it work


Nowadays Cloud Storage is being used a lot for data storage. Everyone is taking help of cloud storage to store and protect their data. It often happens that our stored data in our smartphone, computer or Pan Drive etc., such as necessary images, videos or importent files and documents, etc. are deleted due to some reason and we cannot restore them even if we want to. In such a situation, we have to face a lot of problems.

Nowadays to avoid such problem people have started using Cloud Computing and storing all their necessary data on internet server. This keeps all your data safe and you can restore it whenever you want. But after all it is cloud storage and how is it used, so that all our data can be protected.

If you too are looking for information about cloud computing and want to know about it in detail, then this post of mine today will help you understand cloud computing better, what happens to cloud stores and use it to store data How is it done for Read my full post to know so that you can get all the information about cloud storage correctly. So let’s get started and know about cloud stores –

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an online way of storing your data, through which you can access and store any of your personal data, such as Documents, Images, PDFs, Videos or other important things on the Internet server. It is a new way of data storage which is absolutely safe. The facility which is made available to store data online, is named Cloud Storage. This service hosting companies are offered. We can use this data anywhere and anytime. This facility is premium, that is, you have to pay for it.

Any person or institution can buy or rent space from a cloud storage provider company to store their data. It is the responsibility of the cloud storage provider to provide their data to the user on demand and the physical environment provided by him should be well run and secure, so that the user does not face any problem. The same facility is named Cloud Stores.

In other words, the way you save or store all your essential data in your smartphone, computer, pan drive or any memory card, image, video, files, etc., in the same way, all the data on online internet can be saved by a cloud or hosting company Storing here is called Cloud Storage. The data we store in mobiles, computers and pen drives etc. is the digital medium of data storage.

Cloud storage is a virtual means of storing data. In this, data is not in the local drive of your phone or computer. The digital data of your phone or computer is stored on the server of another company and you can access this data through many means. This data is managed by the hosting company. In this, applications are used for data storage. Space for storing data in Cloud Storage is provided by different companies.

So now you must have understood well what Cloud Storage is. Let’s know how to store your data on Cloud Storage or how to restore your data back to it or save it on your computer.

cloud storage and how does it work

Types of Cloud Storage

There are mainly four types of cloud storage services –

Personal Cloud Storage
Public Cloud Storage
Private Cloud Storage (Private Cloud Storage)
Hybrid Cloud storage
How to store your data on Cloud Storage or how to use it

Cloud Storage service is provided by different companies. Everyone has to use a particular application or software given by that company to restore the data store or. Through that, data is put on its server and through the same application or software, that data is restored back to its computer or smartphone when needed. To use the Cloud comute provider you choose, you have to use the application or software of the same provider.

You cannot use anyone on another cloud platform. You can also do the cloud stores provider that you are using, that is from the official website. You can use cloud storage from both mobile and computer and in both places you will need that application. Just as you need ID and password for email, similarly for using cloud service, ID and password is also required. To use cloud storage service it is necessary that your phone, laptop, tablet or other device has Internet service activated.

To store or restore your data, you first have to create your account on your cloud stores provider platform or website. You may also have to pay for this or some provide these facilities for free. After creating an account, you can store your data on its servor. To restore your data again, you have to login to your cloud account. After that, by selecting your stored data, you can restore it back to your computer or mobile whenever you want. This process is not very difficult and the data saved or stored here is never deleted. You can access it again whenever you want.

Is cloud storage free

Cloud Storage service is not free. You have to pay for this. Yes, some cloud storage companies also provide this facility for free, but it is limited. You get less storage in it. Most companies offer only 10 GB of storage for free. This much storage is completed soon and then you are not able to store any of your data in it. It is exactly the same as memory card stores. After completing the limit on the free account, you have to pay to get more storage and buy more storage. For this, most companies charge monthly and you have to pay by the month.

Free cloud storage is also available, the best example of which is Google Cloud, but in these you get less storage and your work cannot be done. If you have to store more files then you have to pay. Most cloud storage companies cost around $ 10 per month. The cloud storage prices and offers of all provider companies vary.

Best Cloud Storage Providers

There are many websites or companies that provide your cloud storage facility. Some offer this facility in Free and some charge money. All prices and Offers vary. Here I am telling you some names which are the best Cloud Storage Providers –

Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Jio cloud
Apple cloud
Amazon Cloud Drive

These are all the best cloud stores providers on which you can shop and get a cloud service for yourself. Some of these, such as Google Drive, Onedrive, etc., also provide some cloud stores for free which is up to 10 GB. If you need more than this, you will have to buy their monthly or annual plans and then take advantage of their cloud services. It is quite beneficial to store data for life.

So friends, now you must have a good understanding about Cloud Storage, what it is and how it is used. In the next post I will tell you about some advantages and disadvantages of using cloud storage. For that you stay connected with my website and subscribe to the newsletter of the website.

I hope you have liked my post on the basic information of cloud storage. That’s all in this post right now. If you have liked the post, do share it and do give your valuable suggestions or questions about it in the comment box given below. Thank you..!



cloud storage and how does it work

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