Vijay Nagar Dynasty: Know! Why did these two Muslims establish a huge Hindu state

Vijay Nagar Dynasty: Know! Why did these two Muslims establish a huge Hindu state

Vijayanagar Empire has been considered as the most powerful Hindu empire in the history of India. The fear of this empire was such that Babur also confessed in his autobiography that he never dared to look at this state with an eye. From 1350 AD to 1565 AD, this empire maintained its dominance in South India and it played a very important role in forging the history of India. In the next few episodes we will present to you the major kings and events of the Vijayanagara Empire. Talk of Harihar and Bukka, the founders of this empire.

The Viyanagar Empire was founded by Harihara and Bukka, two members of a family of five brothers. Both brothers were ministers of Kampili state in Karnataka. When Muhammad Tughlaq routed Kampili when he gave shelter to a Muslim rebel, both these brothers were also taken captive. He accepted Islam. Later Tughlaq freed him to suppress the rebels there. Soon after, Harihar and Bukka left Islam and re-converted to Hinduism. He established his capital at Vijayanagar. The time of Harihar’s ascension has been set at 1336. Initially, this new kingdom had to compete with the Hoysala king of Mysore and the Sultan of Madurai. The Sultan of Madurai was ambitious. In a battle, he defeated the Hoysala king and killed him brutally.

After the defeat of the Hoisel kingdom, Harihar and Bukka got the opportunity to expand their small princely state. By 1346, the entire territory of Hoysala came under the control of Vijayanagar. Harihar and Bukka’s brothers helped him in this battle and he took care of the administration of the state by winning along with his relatives. Thus, initially the Vijayanagara Empire was a type of cooperative rule. Harihar died in 1356, but before his death he had greatly strengthened the foundation of Vijayanagar.

In History and Mystery we are giving you episodic information of Vijay Nagar Empire. After the death of Harihar, the founder of this empire, his brother Bukka ascended the throne. Bukka turned out to be wiser than his brother Harihar. His kingdom was surrounded by Muslim rulers from all sides. So he started making efforts to merge these states into his empire. He sent a message to Muhammad Shah, the ruler of Bahmani, that the confluence of Krishna and the Doab River be handed over to him. Muhammad Shah did not listen to them and a war started between the two but in this battle Bukka defeated Muhammad Shah. After this Bukka defeated the Muslim ruler of Madura and spread his kingdom to Rameswaram.

Bukka was a worthy ruler and also an ardent follower of Hinduism. Despite this, he also patronized Muslim, Jain and Buddhism. Due to this imperialist policy of Bukka, all the Muslim rulers turned against him. But there was no unity among them and at the same time Bukka had a powerful army which he himself led used to do. Hence no one could muster the courage to fight him. During the life of Bukka, peace remained but after his death in 1377 all the Muslim states joined together to take revenge from Vijay Nagar. Bukka’s son Harihar II throughout his reign. I was engaged in dealing with these states. Despite this struggle, Harihar also continued to expand his empire. He conquered Goa and Karnataka and merged it with his kingdom. Thus Harihar left a wide state for his successors.

In the 15th century, Bahmani and Vijayanagar were two kingdoms in South India whose existence was based on Hindu and Muslim religion. Constant efforts were made to conquer each other and often battles were fought. In 1950, Bahmani Sultan Mahmud Shah Invading Vijayanagar and killed its ruler Veer Narasimha Tuluva. Before that Mahmud could capture this kingdom, Narasimha’s younger brother Krishnadeva Raya took over the front. Krishnadeva Raya not only drove Mahmud out of the kingdom but also entered the Bahmani. By capturing it, he also made Mahmud captive.

Krishnadeva Rai was not only a warrior but also a trained diplomat. The political foresight of Krishnadeva Raya shows that he freed Mahmud Shah from captivity and made him a sultan of Bahmani so that the Muslims could be prevented from splitting together. Invaded and conquered him and made Mahmud Shah’s son his ruler. In this way he weakened the power of the Muslim states by making Mahmud Shah his slave. He defeated the kings of all South India. He was never defeated in battle. And thus he established a huge Hindu state in South India.

The reign of Krishnadeva Raya proved to be the best period of Vijayanagar. In his time, Lalitkala, literature made a wonderful progress. He used to patronize scholars, Vijayanagar had reached the peak of peace, power and prosperity in his time. Babur in his autobiography described Krishnadeva Raya as the most powerful ruler of India. But after the death of Krishnadeva Raya in 1530, the glory of the Vijay Nagar empire started sinking. In the next episode we will tell you in detail about the worthless rulers of Vijay Nagar.


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