Use of technology in contemporary viticulture

Use of technology in contemporary viticulture

Technology has changed every aspect of life. As far as viticulture is concerned, technology has drastically changed the way farmers decide when and how to irrigate, when and how to use manure and agricultural chemicals, when is the best day to harvest , e.t.c.

Unlike previous decades, grape farmers rely less on their instincts and memory and more on data that are collected and stored from various sources. Due to the smartphone, it has become easier for the farmers to keep these data with them always, even when they are in the field and need to decide fast, they can easily access it.

Many grape growers establish small weather stations in their vineyard. These measure humidity, salinity, temperature and store some soil data. If the farmer does not want to, he does not need to keep that data in a complex sheet on his personal computer. They can take advantage of many mobile applications so that they can use that data to make fact based decisions. There are many mobile applications that can serve as personal assistants to the farmer.

Contemporary mobile applications can help farmers collect and access geographic data, monitor weather, store irrigation data, collect labor data, and estimate crop yield. Remote applications are also used for activities such as starting sprinklers used for frost protection and opening irrigation valves. Other applications collect data and automatically send them to the farmer’s accountant or government authorities.

The biggest advantage of all those applications is that they make teamwork easier because the farmer can provide access to any member of his team or to any external scientist or stakeholder (agronomist, crop consultant, buyer, etc.)

Use of technology in contemporary viticulture

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