Tutankhamen whose explorer died from the cursed grave

Tutankhamen whose explorer died from the cursed grave


Tutakhamen was the king of the 18th kingdom of Egypt Faraho in the 18th century before the 13th century BC in Egyptian history. From the time of his discovery he is known as Raja Tut. By the way, his real name was Tutankhaten which meant “living model of the sun” which he later changed to Tutankhamen which meant “living model of the moon”. In 1922, when two archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnavo discovered his grave, this unique discovery was appreciated in the whole world. Tutankhamen’s history was created on the basis of the mummy and the objects that came out of his tomb, so that the history of that period was revealed in understanding. Let us introduce you to the biography of the young king who presented 3000 years of history to us today.

History of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen’s father’s name was Akhenaten, who was then Faraho of Egypt. At the age of only nine, Tutankhamen was made king of Egypt in 1333 AD. At that time, the kings of Egypt were called Faraho. The young and inexperienced king was succeeded by his personal advisor and uncle Commander Ai. When Tutankhamen became king, he married his half-sister Ankhsunaman. He had two unborn children, one of whom died in the womb at 5 months and the other died at 9 months. All this information was revealed by his mother who was found during the search.


Tutankhamen went against his father and made many changes in his father’s rules. In these, he first stressed the importance of worshiping the moon by ending the worship of Suryadev. He settled his kingdom’s capital back in Thebes and destroyed the city of Akhetatan. To further strengthen his decree, he had built many temples and buildings of many moons, which are seen in his pyramid. Tutankhamen had revived relations torn by his father from other states.

Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun
Yet 18-year-old King Tut died mysteriously. The secret of his death could not be revealed till date, although it is believed that he was murdered. The Egyptians consider their kings to be gods only. He believed that the gods survive even after death. The body of the tooth was mixed with medicines and spices and converted into mummy. His corpse was placed in three small and large coffins. The corpse was placed in the smallest, gold-made coffin, in which the gold throne, chariot, sword etc. were kept. The Egyptians believed that those things would work for the king. The tomb was then sealed to protect it from the looters. Often the tombs of the kings were robbed, they made fake paths of the tombs for prevention. Put big stones and get curse written on the door.

Buried history revealed again

Tutankhamen’s tomb remained safe until 1922. An archaeologist named Harvard believed that the tomb of King Tut was safe. He reached the Valley of the Kings with his caravan. After many years of searching, he discovered the tomb but it is said that the curse was written on it, “Death will come to the one who breaks the peace of the king”. It is not known how much lies in this, but it is said that members of the search party were killed for natural and unnatural reasons.
No curse has been written on the mausoleum yet, it is believed that only those people were known by the curse of Mami. Nobody knows that there was really anything written or there was superstition. Today, only in King Tut’s mausoleum, Mami is safe. This is also because the body cannot be removed, if it is stirred it will get washed away.

Tutankhamun facts

  • Raja Tut is also called Boy King because he took the reign at the age of only nine.
  • The gold-plated coffin of King Tutha was buried in a tomb of the Valley of the Kings, which had more than 5000 prized treasures around it. Tutankhamen whose explorer died

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