Transparent Public Toilets

Transparent Public Toilets

Japan the country where 2 bombs were fell and destroyed everything but in the 21st century Japan is known for its technology. We all know that the public toilets were not cleaned for long time and everyone hesitate to use these public toilets.

Moreover the public toilets were broken or dirty and it is obvious that if everyone use a thing then it will be dirty…

Japan innovated a public toilets which is transparent. These Toilets were installed in the main city Tokyo.
So if you using the toilet and locked the door then the transparent glass will convert into opaque glass. In simple terms it is a toilet walled with Smart Glasses.

Idea of Transparent Public Toilets

This superb idea was done by Japan’s architect Shigeru Ban. He took this step by seeing the uncleanliness toilets in the society. And the name for this project was a non-profit Nippon Foundation “The Tokyo Toilet Project,” The moto of this project is to provide a safe toilet to everyone and provide best hygiene.
The Smart glasses were used to let the people peek inside it to check whether it is clean or not and no one is lurking inside of it. Once you enter and lock the door instantly the door turns into opaque object. Initially this bathrooms were installed in the Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park and Haru-no-Ogawa Community Park and already this attracts the visitors to use it and know how they work.
The Nippon Foundation was planning to install more then 17 these type of restrooms in the busiest districts of the Tokyo.

Photos of Bathrooms when Vacant and Occupied

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