Top 5 Best Essential SEO Tools Of 2020

Top 5 Best Essential SEO Tools Of 2020
SEO Tools

Nowadays a lot of people do blogging and as you all may know that all bloggers have to do their blogging work to reach the people or to rank their blog posts on any search engine. SEO of the website has to be done. Some SEO tools are also required to SEO any blog website. But not many people know about SEO Tools.

So friends, if you too are interested to know about SEO Tools, then you must read this post completely. Because in this post we will tell you about 5 Essential SEO Tools For Every Blogger. So friends, let’s know about 5 Essential SEO Tools –


1. 5 Essential SEO Tools 2020 in Hindi 2020
2. Aherfs –
3. Keyword Everywhere –
4. Serp Checker –
5. Page Speed Insights –
6. Websiteseochecker –
7. Conclusions –

Aherfs –
Aherfs is a very powerful SEO tool. Most bloggers use this SEO tool. With the help of this tool, there is a lot of help in researching keywords and also in creating backlinks. Both of these are the most important features of this tool and apart from these features many other SEO related features are available in this tool, due to which the Aherfs Tool is also very famous in Blogging Industery. You have to pay to use the Aherfs Tool or it is a Paid SEO Tool. If you want to do blogging at professional level then you can use this tool.

Keyword Everywhere –
Keyword Everywhere is a Chrome Extension. With the help of this tool, information such as Monthly Research, CPC and Competition etc. of any keywords on the search engine is extracted. This SEO Extension can be used by installing it for free. If you want to search more and more keywords on this extension, then you have to pay for it. This is a great tool to get the information of keywords and if you are a new blogger then you can use its free version.

Serp Checker –
Serp Checker is also a very important SEO tool. With the help of this tool, you can see the ranking of your website posts or you can know with the help of this tool how many numbers your blog post is getting on the search engine. There are many Paid Serp Checker tools available on the Internet but on some websites this tool can also be used for free. If you are a new blogger, then you should use Free Serp Checker to start with our advice.

Page Speed ​​Insights –
Page Speed ​​Insights Tool is a product of Google itself, using which the speed of any website can be checked. Apart from the Page Speed ​​Insights Tool on the Internet, all the Website Checker Tools are almost free. Website speed checker is used because any website which has high speed or any website whose pages load very fast is likely to get ranking on search engines like Google.

Websiteseochecker –
Websiteseochecker This is an online SEO tool. With the help of this tool, you can check DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and Spam Score etc. of any website in particular. Apart from this, more types of information can be obtained with the help of this tool. With the help of this tool, you can plan for your website by getting information about DA, PA and Spam Score of websites. If you are a new blogger then you must use this tool. This tool is absolutely free, that is, you can use this tool for free.

Conclusion –
If you are a new blogger, you can get help in SEO of your website by using the free SEO tools mentioned by us. All the SEO tools that we have described are very excellent and many of these SEO tools are also used by many professional bloggers. We hope you have liked the information given by us. Thank you very much for reading our post and don’t forget to share our post at all.

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