The Universe And The Solar System

The Universe And The Solar System
The Universal
  • All those celestial bodies and meteors and all solar families, including the Sun, Moon, Earth, etc. are studied inside the universe.
  • The regular study of the universe began by Claudius Ptolemy (140 AD).
  • According to Ptolemy, the Earth is at the center of the universe and the Sun and other planets revolve around it.
  • In 1573 AD, Kaepernickus accepted the sun in the center instead of the earth.
  • The space between the Earth and the Moon is called Sisunlar.

Scientific hypotheses of cosmic origin

Big-Bang Theory – George Le Maitre (Georges Lemaître)
Theory of continuous origin – thomas gold and hammen bandi.
Principle of contraction release – Dr. Allan Sandage.
The most modern source of universe information, Prof. J. It was propounded by Kroy Burbidge, a professor who states that each galaxy emits a significant amount of helium as a result of thermal nuclear reactions.
Light year is the distance which is 29,7925 km in light zero. Sets at a speed of one second or about 186282 mill per second in a year.
Big Bang Theory

One light year  = 9.4605284 × 1015 m

The cosmic unit means the average distance between the Sun and Earth is 149597870 km. (About 149,600,000) km) or 150 million km.
The Sun and its neighboring stars are normally 150 km in a circular orbit. At an average speed of one second, Mandakini revolves around the center, at this speed, the Sun takes 25 million years to complete one round of the center. This period is called the cosmic year.

Universe and Solar System

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