The person who claimed to hang out with aliens and talk to them

The person who claimed to hang out with aliens

Scientists have two opinions on whether they are aliens or not. UFO means unknown flying object, which is said to have aliens flying in it. Over the years, many people have claimed to have seen UFOs.

This claim has not only occurred in the US, but also in India on some occasions. But even today, there is no consensus among scientists about aliens. But when questions were raised about UFOs, scientists answered many questions, but there are some questions that no one has been able to answer till date.

While there are very few people who have seen or claimed a UFO, you would not have found a single person who claimed to have not only seen but spoken to any alien descending from the UFO. Ho.
He meets Orthon, a Venusian, at Desert Center, California ; the encounter is allegedly witnessed from a distance by his friends Date: 20 November 1952

Looking through the pages of history, we get information about a man who claimed to have spoken to aliens. Not only this, this person has also written a conversation with Alice in one of his books. At the time this book was written and published, many people bought it. However, scientists called these things a fantasy. The person we are talking about is George Adamski.

George Adamski was born in Poland in 1891, moved to the US as a young boy with his parents and grew up in the far northern New York State. George Adamski began talking about 1950 from 1940.

George Adamski has now passed away, but this man made many claims during the 1940s and 50s that shocked everyone. In the 1940s, he took many such pictures that he called UFOs but scientists rejected every claim he had.

George Adamski claimed to have seen the UFO many years later, but during that time he had told the media that he was constantly taking pictures with a camera from a US Air Force aircraft. George Adamski claimed to have seen a Bock 180 UFO. Admitting George Adamski’s claims, he gave several pictures of UFOs to the US Army, but he retained the negatives of those photos.

George Adamski became so famous during that time that he wrote several books on aliens and met them. One such book, Flying Saucer, landed in 1953, in which George Adamski wrote that he had met Venus in a remote California desert in November 1952.

Edmsky wrote, ‘The beauty of his form surpassed everything I saw and his face, I forgot my personal selfishness. I felt a small child with very little intelligence and a lot of love … ‘He further wrote about it,’ Venus’s alien’s hand was as soft as a child’s hand, while its hair was sandy and its shoulders were beautiful. Hanged in the waves, which shone more beautifully than any woman I had ever seen. ‘

George Adamski states in his book that aliens from Venus give the Earth a kind of consciousness. Not only this, Alien spoke two words’ Boom! Boom! ‘. However, scientists do not agree with anything about George Adamski and everything he said was concocted.


The person who claimed to hang out with aliens

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