The only temple in the world where people are afraid to go

The only temple in the world where people are afraid to go
Yamraj Temple

By the way, we have many such temples which are amazing in themselves or are known all over the world for some particular reason. People come to these temples from far and wide, but let us tell you that there is a temple where people are afraid to go.

Worshiping the Lord in the temple fulfills the aspirations, crowds of devotees, but people are also afraid to set foot in this temple. Let’s tell you about this temple located in Chamba, Himachal … Yamraj-temple-1 This temple is like Yamraj, the god of death, although this temple looks like a home, but people hesitate to go inside it. .


People salute from outside this temple and leave. It is said that Yamraj Ji resides in this temple, and this is the only temple in the world where Dharmaraja resides. yamraj exlst This temple is not located anywhere else but in our India.

The temple is located at Bharmour salt place in Chamba district of Himachal, about 500 km from Delhi. There is an empty room in this temple which is believed to be the room of Chitragupta. khaskhabar Here it is believed that when a person dies, the messengers of Yamraj take that person’s soul and bring it here.

Here Chitragupta gives his judgment to that person according to his deeds. And he is punished. This is the reason why people are afraid to come here and worship only worships here.

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