The most advanced futuristic Quantum Computers revealed

The most advanced futuristic Quantum Computers revealed
Advanced Quantum Computers

Hello friends, how are you all friends? Today’s era is called computer era. Computer has become an important part of our life today. Today, computers are used in almost every field. In the old times, the size of computer was very large, but with the development of technology, this computer became smaller and advanced and in future, these computers will be more advanced.
But do you know that in the coming future Quantum computer will be used in place of today’s computers, yes in this article today we will learn about quantum computer

What is Quantum computer
Currently, research is going on at a much larger level on Quantum computer.
The computers we use now run on binary systems that have only 1 and 0 digits, these digits are called binary numbers. The software that works in these computers only understand the language of 0 and 1. And the 0 and 1 used here are called bits.
Quantum Process

The information in bits is in two states, 0 or 1 Now if we talk about quantum computer then it works not on Bits but on Qubits. Information in Qubits can be in 0 state, can also be in 1 and can also be in both. And because of this, a quantum computer is many times faster than an ordinary computer.

There are many difficult equations that ordinary computers cannot solve or even do if they take a lot of time. But quantum computers can solve such equations in a pinch.
Google has done an important job in this area. Google has developed a quantum computing chip that is many times faster than today’s computers. Google says that the work that today’s fastest supercomputer takes 10000 years will be finished by this chip in 200 seconds.

Benefits of Quantum computer

  • After the creation of quantum computers, technologies like Artificial intelligence will revolutionize.
  • The energy consumption in a quantum computer will be less than that of today’s computers.
  • Today’s use of computers, there is a risk of data leaking or hacking etc. But in quantum computers it will be less likely which will reduce cybercrime.
  • After becoming quantum computers, they will also be used in the field of space science, which will increase the precision of astronomical phenomena.

Quantum computer in India

  • In our country India, work has started on this level at a large level, on a theoretical level, a lot of good research is being done on it in India.
  • Research has started in TIFR (Tata institute of fundamental research), HRI Allahabad, IISER Pune, IISER Kolkata etc. India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced to spend Rs 8,000 crores for quantum computing in the 2020 general budget.

So friends, in this article today we learned about Quantum computer. Hope you have liked the information given in this article and if you have liked this information, then definitely share it with your friends.
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futuristic Quantum Computers revealed

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