The Greatest Physicists in History – Famous Scientists

The Greatest Physicists in History – Famous Scientists
Famous Physicists

Physicist country contribution

  1. Galileo Italy Law of Inertia, Equation of Motion and Formation of Visionary
  2. G. Marconi Italy Wireless Messaging, Radio and Wireless Telegraphy
  3. Ernico Fermi Italy Identification of Artificial Radioactive Elements, Construction of Atomic Furnaces
  4. Newton England law of universal gravitation, law of motion, reflective telescope, invention of differential arithmetic, law of binomial theorem
  5. JJ Thomson England Electron Discovery
  6. James Chadwick’s discovery of England neutrons
  7. Faraday England Laws of electromagnetic induction, laws of electric decomposition and invention of dynami
  8. John Dalton England Atomic Theory Rendering
  9. Dr. Danish Gabor England Discovery of Stereoscopic Photography
  10. Henry Cavendish England Calculating Earth’s Density
  11. Humphrey Davy England Safety Lamp invented
  12. Robert Watson Watts invented the England radar
  13. Röntgen Germany invented X-rays
  14. Einstein Germany Specific and Comprehensive Theory of Relativity, Explanation of Photoelectric Effect, Equivalence of Mass and Energy (E = mc2), Photon Discovery, Mass Damage Detection
  15. Heisenberg Germany Theory of uncertainty and the construction of quantum mechanics
  16. Johannes Kepler Germany Rules related to planetary motion
  17. Prof. John Vardin Germany Principle of superconductivity
  18. Max Planck Germany rendering quantum theory
  19. J. Robert Open Heimer US Atomic Science Bomb Construction (1945 AD)
  20. HA Bathe America Explains Energy Production in Wires
  21. Research work in R.P. Fineman America Quantum Electrology
  22. Thomas Elva Edison discovered US thermogenic emissions
  23. Dr. Edward Taylor America Construction of Hydrogen Bomb (1952 AD)
  24. Millicon America Determination of Electron Charge
  25. Henry Bequerel France discovers radioactivity
  26. De Broglie France Prediction of matter waves and the dual nature of matter
  27. Maxwell Scotland Electromagnetic theory of light, velocity distribution law of gas molecules
  28. Neil Bor Denmark Quantum theory of hydrogen atom structure and radiation
  29. A. Salaam Pakistan Integration of electromagnetic and attenuated forces
  30. Archimedes rendering the rules of buoyancy of Greek fluids, the theory of levers, the creation of Archimedian schoo, the discovery of specific gravity
  31. Copernicus Poland solar system discovery, solar concentration theory
  32. Dr. H. Yukawa discovered the particle named Japan Masson
  33. Dr. KM Krishnan, India in search of ‘Raman Effect’, Dr. C. V. Raman’s associate
  34. JV Narlikar rendering new theory of India Theory of Relativity.
  35. Dr. Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar India rendering of Astronomy, Plavic Physics, Mathematical Current Physics and General Relativity Theory, Chandrasekhar Limit – White Dwarf ie Seam of Constellations named White Dwarf,
  36. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983 AD get
  37. Dr. Raja Ramanna India contributed significantly to India’s first trial
  38. Dr. Vikram Bharat Sarabhai India Famous scientist in the field of space science, significant contribution on the study of cosmic rays
  39. BT Nag Chaudhary, India important research work on nuclear science, Dr. Lorence’s collaborator in the invention of cyclotron
  40. Prof. Satish Dhawan, India, a leading Indian scientist, has contributed significantly in the field of space research, an important role in the launch of the Indian artificial satellites ‘Aryabhatta and Rohini’.
  41. Aryabhatta India 5th century eminent mathematician and astronomer, important discoveries related to mathematics
    Bhaskar 1st India 7th century eminent astronomer
  42. Bhaskaracharya II India 12th century eminent mathematician and astronomer
  43. Srinivas Ramanujam significant contribution to Bharat number theory
  44. The discovery of a particle named SN Bose Bharat Boson
  45. HJ Bhabha India Theory of space rays and the father of nuclear power in India
  46. M. N. Saha India Principle of thermal ionization
  47. CV Raman Bharat Discovery of Raman effect related to scattering of light – 1928 AD (received Nobel Prize in 1930, first Indian to receive Nobel Prize for Physics), Study and discovery on the structure of crystals
  48. JC Bose India wireless message, discovery of consciousness in plants, invention of Crescograph

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