The Ghost of Gold Train: Jar Nicholas’s train vanished with 500 tons of gold

The Ghost of Gold Train: Jar Nicholas’s train vanished with 500 tons of gold
Treasure of Ghost

After the First World War, there was a Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Lenin and his commander Leon Trotsky had to face many defeats to the forces of Tsar Nicholas II, the king of Russia. The rebels knew that the czar had a vast store of gold, so they wanted to grab it.

Zazar’s advisers advised him to send his treasure somewhere from the capital St. Petersburg to the eastern region, otherwise they would be handed over to the revolutionaries. The White Forces, a supporter of Hazar Nicholas, loaded nearly 500 tons of gold in a train and sent it from St. Petersburg to the eastern city of Kazan.

Lenin’s commander Leon Trotsky got the news about this. Trotsky reached Kazan. There, Trotsky’s army defeated the pro-Czar White Forces. But when he entered inside the city of Kazan, it came to know that the gold was not there. He was sent to the east.

Trotsky started chasing a gold-laden vehicle from another train. This hide and seek continued for several months. The gold-laden train in Siberian territory was taken by the new Czar commander Alexander Kolchak in his possession.


When the treasury train reached the city of Irkutsk, the Czech soldiers there took it into their possession. These Czech soldiers came to fight on the Russian side in the First World War. Revolution occurred in Russia only during the war.

Because of which these soldiers were stuck there. These soldiers were in a hurry to go home. They snatched the gold-laden train from the possession of Kolchak. It is said that he handed over this train to the Bolshevik fighters, the communist revolutionaries.

He also handed over Kolchak to Trotsky’s troops. In return, the Czech troops asked Trotsky to return to his homeland, which he got. Some books say that Trotsky brought the entire treasure of the Tsar to Moscow. He shot Kolarchak, the Czar commander. Surprisingly, this treasure never got in the hands of Russia. Where did the entire train disappear with 500 TAN gold?

A hundred years have passed since this incident. For almost a century, there has been a lot of speculation about the treasure. In 2009, divers tried to find a submerged train by taking a dip in Lake Baikal, they found a train compartment and some flashing items. But he could not bring it out. Because that shining thing was trapped in the cracks in the depths of the lake, where it was difficult to reach even the hand. Today it is still a mystery.

The Ghost of Gold Train

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