The full story of Rani Padmawati and her kingdom

The full story of Rani Padmawati and her kingdom
Rani Padmawati

There are many stories in the history of India, which have not been confirmed historically, but still these stories rule our hearts, one of them is the very ancient story of Padmavati, the queen of Chittor, who has been in her unmatched beauty since ancient times. Rani Padmavati is also known as Rani Padmini, Queen Padmavati, the wife of King Ratan Singh of Chittor, was famous for her far-fetched beauty. What was the reason for registering in

It was a matter of time when Alauddin Khilji was ruling the throne of Delhi when King Alauddin Khilji came to know about the astonishing beauty of Queen Padmavati by the wizard Raghav Chetan, then Khilji awakened a deep desire to get Queen Padmini. Woke up to tell you that Raghav Chetan was a musician in Raja Ratan Singh’s palace, but he was also a magician, no one knew that when one day he was caught red handed, he was ordered to leave his palace by blackening his face. Rani Padmawati

Raghav Chetan could not bear this insult and reached Delhi in the shelter of Alauddin Khilji to take revenge on Raja Ratan Singh, for this he targeted Rani Padmavati for this, when he spoke about the beauty of the queen in front of Alauddin Khilji, Khilji Chittor His army was camped outside Chittor Fort for many months but Chittor was not damaged because the fort was constructed in such a way that all the items of necessity were present inside the fort, eventually the Sultan’s army was patient. Broken and the army had to return. Rani Padmawati

Alauddin Khilji sent a message to Raja Ratan Singh that he once wanted to look after the queen Padmini. Raja Ratan Singh was not surprised by this, but the king said that it is against Rajput dignity in front of defeated men of Rajputs. The Prophet did not know that the form for which he had come to Chittor from Delhi, if he got even a glimpse of that form, then his journey would be successful. Did that he would return to Delhi after seeing Rani Padmini once

When Rani reached Padmini, she refused at first, but after much thought, for the interest of the subjects, the queen decided that she would come to the stairs of her palace and in the mirror of a room in front, Alauddin would see the reflection of the queen. Kindly neither the Rajput dignity will be violated and the Sultan will also be kept in mind. The queen reached the stairs of the palace and after seeing the queen in the mirror on the other side, the Sultan’s senses flew away after getting a glimpse of the queen Rana Ratan. Taking permission from Singh and turned to Delhi, the guest, following the devo Bhava: Rana came out to say goodbye to the Sultan and not knowing, when the seven gates of the fort crossed the hill and came down the hill, Sultan saw his army. Pointed and Rana was taken captive and a message was given to Rani Padmini that if the king wanted alive, Rani Padmini would have to appear before the Sultan.

The Queen had a very critical moment. She called an old man named Gora in relation to her maiden. The horse and his nephew arrived to help the queen. According to Gora, he sent a message to Alauddin Khilji that Rani Padmini is ready to go to Delhi, but before leaving, Rani Padmini wants to meet Rana Ratan Singh once. The Sultan is told that Rani’s letters have come to bid her goodbye, Rani’s palanquin is lowered into a closed tent and Raja is allowed to meet Rani. When Rana is ashamed and apologizes to Rani, she replies that It is not the queen, but the queen’s nephew Badal in the garb of the queen, Badal opened the chain of Rana and freed him and Rana Ratan Singh was sent to the Chittor fort by a horse standing outside.

By the time Khilji came to know of this conspiracy, Rana had entered the fort and all the soldiers in the palanquin including Goel’s nephew Badal attacked the Sultan’s army, but where the Sultan had millions of army in Chittor. To what extent did the army of thousands struggle, Alauddin slowly crossed the doors of the fort and started entering in. On the other hand, all the boys and young people in the fort were tight for the last battle.

When the Rajput women realized the defeat, it was better to give up their lives than to go to the shelter of Khilji, where on the one hand, the men set out for the war, the women prepared a cheetah for themselves, after the preparation of the Zohar, the women sang Mangal songs. One by one jumped into the pyre, on the other hand, soldiers of Rajputs wearing saffron-colored clothes were getting war in the battle. Sultan Alauddin Khilji entered the palace from the pile of Savos, then he got a huge pyre there and thus the queen Padmini’s example of bravery was written on the pages of history in golden letters. Rani Padmawati

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