The five inventors, who became their own inventions, are the cause of their deaths

The five inventors, who became their own inventions, are the cause of their deaths


It is not easy to invent anything. It takes scientists years. Then they are able to succeed somewhere. Today we are going to tell you about some such inventors and their inventions, whose inventions proved to be very useful, but regrettably their own inventions became the cause of their death.

Marie Curie


The famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie, who discovered two elements named radium and polonium, died in 1934 due to this discovery. Actually, Marie Curie was working on radioactivity, but she had no idea of how dangerous radioactivity is. It had a bad effect on his body, due to which he died.

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Horace Lawson Hanley
Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, illustration. This submarine was built and launched at Mobile, Alabama, USA, in July 1863. It was 12 metres long and designed to carry a crew of eight. She sank twice during test runs, the second sinking killing her inventor, Confederate marine engineer Horace Lawson Hunley (1823-1863, shown at right). The third crew was also killed in the last and final sinking, but not before they had attacked and sank the USS Housatonic which was part of a blockade of Charleston harbour. This sepia-wash drawing by R. G. Skerrett was produced in 1902, after the 1864 painting by Conrad Wise Chapman (1842-1910).

The handheld submarine was invented by Horace Lawson Hanley, born 29 December 1823 in Summer County, USA. However, during the test, his submarine was sunk at sea, in which he was also present along with his crew members. He died in this accident.

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Franz Reichelt

Austria-born Franz Reichelt is considered the inventor of the modern wingsuit. However, he died while jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris for testing it. At that time, he was only 33 years old.

William Bullock

Born in Bullville, US, William Bulloch is known for improving the rotary printing press produced by Richard March Hoey. It was because of him that the printing industry underwent a radical change. However, while fixing his own printing machine, he died by getting stuck in it.

Henry Smolinski


Henry Smolinski is known for making flying cars. He invented this in 1973, which he named ‘AVE Mizar’. However, when he sat in his flying car to test it and blew it, the car crashed, causing his death.



inventions became cause of their deaths

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