The difference between SSD and HDD

SSD and HDD: It is more important to know about them once before understanding the difference between SSD and HDD. The full form of SSD is “Solid State Drive” and the full form of HDD is “Hard Disk Drive”. Both types of drives are used for data storage or operating system installation etc.

But SSD is three times better as compare to HDD. There are many more such points where SSD can be called better but if there is any Lack point then it is the cost of SSD.

When to buy SSD: –

  • When you want to make your computer fast.
  • Computer speed is more important for you and less money.
  • When you want to create a Gaming system.
  • When you are thinking of making a small cabinet / CPU. (SSD takes minimum space in computer cabinet).

When to buy HDD: –

  • If you need more storage and speed does not matter much.
  • When your pocket does not allow you to spend more money
  • Want to take computer for less cost.

        Points                     SSD                        HDD
1.       Power Consumes least power. Average 2-3 watts. Ssd consumes more power than required. average 6-7 watts.
2.       Cost It is expensive in comparison to HDD. It is cheaper in comparison to SSD.
3.       Capacity Due to being more expensive, people prefer to buy more of less capacity. Being cheaper, there is more Demand. From 500 GB to 4 TB easily and in the budget
4.       Operating System Boot Time Around 10-15 seconds Around 35-40 Seconds
5.       Noise Since there are no moving parts in SSD, the probability of noise is negligible. Noise is more likely due to magnetic platters and other moving parts in HDD.
6.       Vibration No Vibration Vibration occurs
7.       Heat Heatless Heat is required, cooling is required
8.       Failure Rate Low Rate of Failure Failure rate is higher than SSD
9.       Data Copy & Write Speed 200 to 500 MB/s (As per SSD) Range 50 to 120 MB/s (AS per HDD)
10.   Data opening Speed 30% Faster As compare to HDD Slower then SSD

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