The dictator Idi Amin was fond of eating human flesh

Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was also known as the ‘Mad Man of Africa’. Amin did not usually use weapons to kill people. He buried some alive in the ground and fed some of the survivors to his hungry crocodiles.

He made almost all the beautiful girls in his palace a victim of his lust. It is said that Amin was also fond of eating the meat of humans and evidence of this was also found. Many human heads were recovered from his fridge.

Amin, convicted of killing over 5 lakh people, had to leave Uganda and flee. Amin was called the Mad Man of Africa because of his atrocities.

Lango and Acholi ethnic groups from Uganda

Idi Amin, who had been the head of the Uganda Army and the Air Force since 1966, took power here in 1971 by ousting Milton Obote from power.

In February, a week after the coup, Amin declared himself president of Uganda, commander in chief of all armed forces, army chief of staff and chief of air staff.

Not only this, but this dictator and fierce nationalist also started a tribal genocide program to wipe out Lango and Acholi ethnic groups from Uganda. Amin’s motive behind this was very clear. He wanted to wipe out the former President Obate’s army of supporters, ie both these ethnic groups.

After this, Amin’s next victim became Asian. In 1972, he ordered that Asians who do not have Ugandan citizenship leave the country. Following this order, about 60,000 Indians, Pakistanis and other Asians living in Uganda were forced to leave the country.

A large proportion of the country’s workforce was of Asians. At the same time, many Asians had put up business here. Therefore, Uganda’s economy deteriorated as soon as he left the country.

Amin’s eight-year dictatorship came to an end in 1979 when Tanzania and the anti-Amin Ugandan army stormed. However, earlier in October 1978, Amin attempted an unsuccessful attack on Tanzania. Amin took refuge in Libya for some time after leaving the country. He then settled in Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003.

|  The dictator Idi Amin was fond of eating human flesh

The dictator Idi Amin was fond of eating human flesh

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