The deepest cave in the world, stand out from view

The deepest cave in the world, stand out from view
krubera cave

Although there are a lot of amazing places in this world, but let us tell you, Krubera Cave is the deepest known cave of the earth so far, it is so deep that it can stand tall on sight. Its depth is 2197 meters (7208 ft). Krubera Cvae is located on the banks of the Black Sea in Abkhazia.

Although there is a crowd of tourist people, but it is a very remote area, it has only 4 months worth of weather in a year. Krubera Cvae was discovered in 1960.
Another name of this cave is also ‘Voronya Cave‘. It means the cave of crows, it got its name because when it entered the cave for the first time in 1980, there were lots of crows in it.


Let us tell you that it was rated as the deepest cave in 2001 when a team of Ukrainian spheologists went to a depth of 1710 meters (5610 feet). It was 80 meters higher than the deepest cave known at that time. Not only this, in 2004 a team of Ukrainian Spheologists came again. This time he went to a depth of 2080 meters (6820 ft) and set a new record. After this, in 2012, a team of 59 spelologists from different countries landed in it and measured the depth 2197 meters (7208 ft). The crew spent 27 days at Krubera Cave.

Getting here is not as easy as it seems, in fact, exploration of Krubera Cvae is very difficult because one can only go here for 4 months of the year and the other is the political situation in Abkhazia is bad, so permissions are not easy is. Indeed, Abkhazia declared itself a separate independent nation from Georgia in 1999, while Georgia still considers it a part of it.

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