Who made the first Television and how it looks like?

Television invention

First mass produced TV set, sold 1946-1947

In 1883, an original idea of ​​distant observation came to the attention of Nipau in which the scenes could be transmitted by electricity. He invented a device to serve this purpose. He made a round of metal or metal, with a row of small holes on a spiral pattern towards the edges. He imagined all the things of foresight.

If you send a picture of an object, then a photo camera is placed in front of it and a patch of holes can also be placed in its camera. At the same time, a lamp was put on that object in the path of the rotating holes of the bright light. In this way, that object can be observed partly or partially as bright or foggy parts. This activity is called auditing.

After the invention of radio, many big scientists started trying to make a device through which the voice could be seen even when the voice was heard. Many scientists started working diligently. After all, Baird achieved admirable success in making such an instrument. Baird was a resident of England. He first created a machine in 1926 and put it in front of the world, through which the voice was heard, and the speakers of the speakers were also seen. The same instrument of Baird is called television.

Only a few miles away from the instrument that Baird had made, the speakers of the speakers were seen. Some scientists made significant improvements in Baird’s instrument. As a result of those reforms, now we can see the stories of people speaking thousands of miles away on television, gradually this distance is increasing even more. Just as radio stations have been set up, TV centers have been opened in every major city of every country. In our country too, TV centers were established in big cities.

Just as the entire program heard on the radio is broadcast from the studio of the radio-station, the entire program which is shown on the screen of TV is broadcast by the studios of the television centers. Just as radio waves are used to reach the sound far and wide in the radio, in the same way radio waves are also used to take the noise far and wide.Television invention

The face of a man whose face has to be shown on the screen of television is put on his face. After this, the shadow of his face is put through photo-camera on a photo electric cell. Due to the illumination on the face, a stream of electric generates in the electric cell according to its fluctuation. That current is carried on the radio waves. They spread around the sky very fast and reach those receiving sets of TV which live far away in homes.

Some special types of valves are kept in remotely placed television devices. Those valves separate the electric current from the radio waves. In this way, different types of curtains are produced in the receiving sets. The electric current increases and decreases the speed of those nodes. Jarre falls on the same screen which is made of glass and which has a special type of spice on it. Wherever the spices fall on the screen, we see the appearance of the speakers whose shadow comes from the TV center of distant Sadur with the help of radio waves.

The promotion of TV is increasing day by day. The reason for this is that not only is there ample entertainment, but also enlightenment. Some scientists say that when television becomes ubiquitous, there will be no need for teachers in schools and colleges. The work that teachers do today will be televised on that day. Even today, some time TV studies have started in schools and whether that day will come or not. In this regard, we will say only a few. But we must say that this is a great innovation.

Television invention

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