Struggle for liberation of Hyderabad

Struggle for the liberation of Hyderabad

Struggle for the liberation of Hyderabad:

At the time when the British were leaving India. At that time, out of 562 princely states, all but three decided to merge with India. These three capitals were Kashmir, Junagadh, and Hyderabad. Eighty percent of the population of Hyderabad were Hindu people but the rule was in the hands of the Muslims. Being a Hindu majority, the Government of India wanted to merge Hyderabad with India, but how far the Nizam of Hyderabad was against the merger in India, it can be gauged from this that he sent a message to Jinnah in the fight against India in Pakistan. Asked for help from whom Jinnah turned down.

to merge with Hyderabad

On the other hand, Nehru was in favor of taking Mountbatten’s advice that this whole issue should be resolved peacefully. But Sardar Patel did not agree with Nehru. He believed that Hyderabad at that time was ‘like cancer in the stomach of India,’ which could not be tolerated. Patel was aware that Hyderabad was completely at the behest of Pakistan. Without Nehru’s will. Patel was in favor of being strict with the Nizam of Hyderabad. At a time when the Nizam felt that India was determined to merge with Hyderabad, he also offered that India should be entrusted with the responsibility of foreign affairs, defense, and communication, keeping Hyderabad an autonomous state. Were not.

Meanwhile, on 22 May, when the people of Hyderabad attacked the Hindus traveling on the train at Gangapur station, the government across India began to criticize that it was adopting a soft attitude towards them. Provoked He immediately ordered Army Chief General Cariappa to take action on Hyderabad. The date of entering Hyderabad was fixed twice but due to political pressure, it had to be canceled. Here Nehru and Governor Rajagopalachari were trying to find a solution to the issue that Patel announced that the Indian Army had entered Hyderabad and nothing could be done to stop it now. “Operation Polo of this action of Indian Army Was named because at that time Hyderabad had the highest number of 17 polo grounds in the world.

In this action lasting five days, 1373 Razakars were killed. 807 jawans of Hyderabad State were also farms. The Indian Army lost 66 of its jawans while 97 were wounded, thus merging Hyderabad with India.

Struggle for the liberation of Hyderabad

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