Story of Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Story of Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu took ten avatars on earth, out of which we have told the story of Matsya avatar and Kurma avatar in previous articles. The third avatar of Lord Vishnu was Varaha Avatar, in which Lord Vishnu incarnated as a Varaha to save the Earth. Friends, Varaha means boar but for the beauty of words, instead of the word boar, you will use the word Varaha in a Puri post, so you understand its meaning. Let us now tell you the story of Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Varaha Avatar Story.
One day Lord Vishnu was resting in his Vaikuntha residence, when the four sons of Lord Brahma came to meet him. The two gatekeepers, Jai and Vijay, guarding him at the gate, stopped him. He did not allow the sons of Brahma to enter because their masters were resting. Brahma’s son became angry on hearing the doorkeepers and cursed them both that they would leave the divine post and be born on earth as human beings.

After some time Lord Vishnu reached the door and apologized for Jai Vijay’s behavior and told him that both of them were only doing their duty. To compensate for this, Brahma sons said that this curse will be removed when Jai Vijay will die in human form from the hands of Lord Vishnu. Hence Jai and Vijay were born on earth as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha. Heaven was shaken when both of them were born. Indra went to Lord Vishnu and said, “There is such a turmoil as soon as he is born, but what will happen when he grows up?” “| Lord Vishnu assured Indra that he would destroy both of them when the time comes and there will be no harm to anyone.

After many years Hiranyaksha became young. He was an exclusive devotee of Lord Brahma. When he did penance for Lord Brahma, Brahma appeared and asked him to ask for a boon. Hiranyaksha asked for a boon that no god, no human nor any demon could kill him. Lord Brahma gave him this boon and called it Aastu. Hiranyaksha considered himself immortal and started showing his strength. He churned the sea from his waist, which started rising in the sea. Seeing this scene, Varun Dev became very frightened and started finding places to hide.

Hiranyaksha faced him and challenged him for the match. Instead of facing him, Varun Dev accepted his defeat because it was impossible to win him because of his strength. The chest of Hiranyaksha widened with pride. He now started churning the sea back and started walking on the sea. On the way, he found Narada Muni and asked him, “Is there anyone stronger than me in this world?” Narada Muni replied “Yes, Lord Vishnu is the most powerful”.

Hiranyaksha started searching for Lord Vishnu but he could not find Lord Vishnu. Then he collected the entire earth in the form of a round ball and went to the underworld in search of Lord Vishnu. In the Varaha avatar, the earth is depicted as a young woman Bhudevi. All the gods got worried and Vishnu ran for help from God. He said, “God, save us, Hiranyaksha has gone invisible after picking up Bhudevi and has become invisible”. Lord Vishnu patiently replied, “Don’t you worry, I know that he has taken Bhudevi to Hades and I will bring Shiva back to his place”.
Varaha Avatar Lord vishnu

Then Lord Vishnu took the Barah Avatar Varaha Avatar and went to Patal Lok and challenged Hiranyaksha. Hiranyaksha used many weapons to attack Varaha Varaha but he had no effect on Varaha. In the end, Varaha Varaha killed Hiranyaksha in a huge duel. Now Varaha Varaha balanced the Bhudevi Earth on his two teeth and put the Bhudevi Earth back to its original position by sea from Hades. Now he came back in his true form and all the gods heard the destruction of Hiranyaksha and praised Lord Vishnu.

Later, Bhudevi, the goddess of the earth, fell in love with the self-saving Vishnu, and Lord Vishnu married her and made her one of his wives. It is also mentioned in some scriptures that Bhudevi gave birth to an asura named Narakasura, the son of Varaha.

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