Story of a faithful dog fighting Mughals

Story of a faithful dog fighting Mughals
Dog who fight against the Mughal

Friends, as you know, the dog is considered to be the most loyal animal that is ready to play on its life to protect its owner. We get many tales of dog loyalty in the news. At present, dogs are also taken into the army where they show their fighting skills. Among these loyal dogs, there was also a dog in the history of India, in which, along with its owner, took iron from the Mughals in the battlefield. Let us tell you the story of the same faithful dog.

It is about 350 years old from today when the Mughals occupied the throne of Delhi. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was the king of the Mughal emperor at that time, who was notorious for his cruelty to the Hindu rulers. Aurangzeb attacked the kings of small princely states and merged them into his kingdom. At that time, many princely states had succumbed to the cruelty of the Mughal emperor as he was unable to fight the huge army of Mughals while the kings of some princely states were taking iron from the Mughals despite constant invasions.

The name of Thakur Madan Singh also comes in these brave books, who used to own a princely state called Loharu. Thakur Madan Singh had a great reputation in his state and was respected for his good works towards the subjects. Thakur Madan had two sons, one of whom was Maha Singh and the other was named Naurabaji. Thakur Madan Singh was a loyal servant Bakhtawar Singh who always won the heart of Maharaj with his loyalty. The servant had a dog which he loved very much and the dog was also always loyal to his owner.

It was in 1671 AD when Thakur Sahib refused to give revenue to Aurangzeb. When Aurangzeb got the news of this, he ordered his governor Alfu Khan, appointed in Hisar, to attack Loharu and snatch revenue from him. Alfu Khan reached Loharu with his army, where Thakur Saheb’s army was also ready to fight. Now both the armies attacked each other, leading to a fierce war, in which both the armies suffered heavy loss of life and property. In this fierce war, Thakur saheb’s two sons also got fighting and got Virgati.

Now his loyal servant in Thakur Saheb’s army was fighting with the power of Bakhtawar Sing Puri. Along with Bakhtawar Singh, his loyal dog also remained in the battlefield. The dog was so loyal that he punched the Mughal soldier who wounded his master. The dog was fighting not only to protect his owner but also to protect his motherland, in which 28 soldiers of the Mughals were brutally killed. When the Mughal soldiers saw that dog attacking the Mughal soldiers, they too were stunned. Now the dog was a big challenge in front of them, which no Mughal soldier could handle, so all the Mughal soldiers attacked that dog together.

While fighting Birta with those soldiers, that dog got to Veergati. Shortly after the death of that dog, its owner Bakhtawar Singh could not stand even before the Mughals and that too was achieved by Veergati. Due to the bravery of both of them, the Mughal army had to kneel, due to which in the end, Alfu Khan had to flee as soon as Thakur Saheb arrived. After the end of the war, Thakur saheb built a dome in memory of that brave loyal dog where that dog had found heroism. There is also a temple of Rani Sati at some distance from this dome where Sati, the wife of Bakhtawar Singh, was.


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