How to Speed up windows 10 without any other apps?

Speed up windows 10: Hello guys, could not post any for a long time, so I apologize to all of you. But now I am fully fit and active. Now you will continue to read regular new posts. Today the post (How to Disable Startup Programs) that I am going to write is based on how to manage Startup Programs in Microsoft Window.

Friends, today a friend of mine asked me how to disable Startup Programs in Microsoft Window 10. I asked him why he wants to do this, so he told that his laptop has become very slow and he wants to stop those Startup Programs, which he does not need yet.

It is true that Unwanted Programs can be disabled to increase the performance of Windows. There are many ways to do this, but if you are using Microsoft’s Window 10 Operating System, then I tell you 2 important ways.


1) With the help of Windows 10 MSCONFIG: –

Friends, you will know MSCONFIG Command, it is very important command, with this command you can manage the currently working programs. msconfig command You can open by going to Run, either open CMD (Command Prompt) and you can open it by typing msconfig there.

2) With the help of Startup Task: –

The second method is the easiest and easiest. All you have to do is press Window Button of your system and type Startup Task in Search. As soon as you type Start Up Task, you will see Startup Task Apps, just click it.

Once Startup Apps is open, then you have to see which application to enable or disable. It is very simple. You can easily understand by looking at the image below.



Speed up windows 10


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