Ricky Jackson

Ricky Jackson

On May 19, 1975 businessman Harold Franks was killed in front of a small grocery store on the city’s East Side, Where he delivered money orders. Two black men were said to have beat him and thrown acid in his face. Before one of the men shot him twice with a .38 caliber.

In this gun fire Anna Robinson, the wife of the store’s owner also have been killed. The men stole Franks’ briefcase and fled to a waiting green car, driven by a third man. So the authorities built case against Ricky Jackson, Wiley Bridgeman, and Ronnie Bridgeman who lived in neighborhood.

Before the incident took Karen Smith a neighborhood teenage girl saw two black men in front of the store but she don’t know them. But she do know  Bridgeman and Jackson. Except this there were no physical evidence nor the Gun.

The Three of them were jailed and the jury declared that these three of them should be hanged till death. But the three of them sentenced that commuted to life imprisonment and the jury approved their words.

On November 21, 2014 after the key witness in their jury trial recanted his testimony during a hearing in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. The three of them were released and they were received $20 millions of dollars from the government as Compensation from the country California.


Ricky Jackson

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