Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN

Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN | Part-2

Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN | Part-2
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Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN | Part-2

Friends, in the last part we had told about the Hindu-Muslim riots. The concept of Pakistan before 1900. Taking this part further, we tell you the story after 1900. Now, in 1899, Lord Curzon, the new Viceroy of the British Government came to India. Lord Curzon was a very talented and clever man. He first came to India and worked for the archaeological protection in India to win the heart of the people of India and after that, he divided Bengal, the largest administrative subdivision of India. Lord Curzon divided Bengal in such a way that Muslim sovereignty resided in East Bengal and Assam and Hindu dominated territories were in the areas of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa. At that time all these states were called Bengal.

The British government knew that if Bengal was divided on the basis of community, then their policy of “Foot do rule” would be successful. That is why Bengal, which used to be the largest subdivision of India, was divided into pieces on the basis of community. Most of the Hindus living in East Bengal sold their land to the Muslim people and settled in West Bengal. In 1905, the Swadeshi movement had started, in which Indians were boycotting the brother-in-law created by the British. Now, taking advantage of this movement, the British wanted to have Hindu-Muslim riots but they could not succeed. Now at that time, all the people of the community were chanting the same slogan “Vande Mataram” due to which it was difficult to break Indians on the basis of community.



At that time, English students studying in Calcutta had returned to their villages and cities. Now, these youths together expressed political outrage over the partition and they killed many British officers. At that time, mainly Hindus were opposing the partition of Bengal so that Hindu sovereignty could increase. In 1906, the new Viceroy Lord Minto asked for a separate electorate for Muslims. Now on this basis, All India Muslim League was established in Dhaka. Lord Curzon went back to England due to disputes but he went to Bengal after partition. Now Khwaja Salimullah held the first meeting of the Muslim League at Shahbagh, in which his main objective was to bring the Muslims under the power of politics.

The Muslim League was initially considered an ally of the Congress, which was equally fighting against the British, but the power of the Muslim League was increasing. Now let’s talk about Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the main leader of the Muslim League. Muhammad Ali Jinnah went to London to study barrister. At that time the British sowed the seeds of partition in his mind. Now after 1900, Jinnah came to India and started his political career with the Congress party. At that time it was not right for him to dispute Hindu-Muslim, so he always kept talking about Hindu-Muslim unity. Now he was an active worker in the Congress and was also preparing his law.


Now, after working for a few years, Jinnah found the policies of Congress to be anti-Muslim, so he started focusing his attention on the Muslim League. Now in 1916 Jinnah broke away from Congress due to controversies and was elected President of the Muslim League. The Muslim League knew that Jinnah had learned political tricks while staying in Congress. So he had made him President. Jinnah participated in the All India Home Rule League in 1916. He attracted the attention of people towards the Muslim League. The British had also started making Jinnah a pawn and understood that this man can fulfill his plans. Now the British had put his political activities on the main page of every English news and made him a hero.

In 1937, Veer Savarkar also talked about Hindu-Muslim two nations. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also back active and he got the right opportunity to talk about his separate nation Pakistan. Now Jinnah said in a meeting in 1940, “Muslims are not a minority but a nation”. The Jinnah whom Gopal Krishna Gokhale considered being a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity, the same Jinnah started talking about a separate nation on the basis of community. Gradually, he began to openly demand a separate Muslim nation and started stirring the Muslims of India for a separate nation. At that time, more than 90 percent of the Muslims of India did not want partition, but they started their campaign with 10 percent Muslims.

Muslim nation of Pakistan

Now on August 16, 1946, he explicitly demanded a separate Muslim nation of Pakistan. Now on that day, a large number of people of the Muslim community had gathered in Calcutta and in the same evening, Hindus attacked the Muslim community and threw away leaflets and opposed the demand of Pakistan. As a result, Hindu-Muslim riots started and heavy massacre started in Calcutta. For three days more than 4000 people were killed in Hindu-Muslim riots and houses of millions were burnt. Although the Hindu-Muslim riots took place earlier, for the first time, there were such big riots on the demand of Pakistan. Many houses were destroyed in these riots, women were looted and children were tortured. The British were just watching the spectacle at that time. Because only Hindu-Muslim riots could cause the country to be divided.

Now, these riots gradually spread to Dhir Bihar where Hindus attacked Muslims. And this riot slowly reached Rawalpindi by the end of March 1947 where the Muslims had attacked the Hindus. Seeing the rising riots now, Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Congress leader who accepted partition. Because he could not see more deaths in the riots. On the other hand, with the statement of Vallabhbhai Patel. The power of Jinnah had increased more. Vallabhbhai Patel knew that only Jinnah was the only man who could stop these riots. Now Gandhiji also became active and he started going to the riot-affected areas of Bengal to appeal for peace and because of Gandhiji, the riots in Bengal had stopped but he could not stop the riots in northwest India.

the partition of the country will be on my corpse

At that time Gandhiji was also opposing Pakistan and gave a statement that “the partition of the country will be on my corpse”. Now he wanted to talk to Jinnah on this issue, so one day Jinnah called Gandhiji and asked: “Why are you demanding Pakistan”. Jinnah said, “I want to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan”. Gandhiji said, “If it is your desire to become the Prime Minister. Then you become the Prime Minister of India but do not let the country fall into pieces”. Now Jinnah agreed to Gandhiji at that time that if he becomes the Prime Minister of India, then he has no need to demand Pakistan.

Now Gandhiji went to Jawaharlal Nehru, the prime minister’s claimant. He asked him to renounce the post of Prime Minister and make Jinnah the Prime Minister. Jawaharlal Nehru also had a greed for power because he could not give up so much of his years of hard work in an instant. So he made the statement that “What Jinnah is the Prime Minister. He will not give even a place in his cabinet”. Now when Jinnah came to know about this. He determined that “Now, whatever happens, no one can stop Pakistan from being formed”. Because of Jawaharlal Nehru’s mistake and greed for power, India lost the first and last chance to stop partition. After this Jinnah never went to meet Gandhiji.


Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN | Part-2 | Reason for Partition of INDIA-PAKISTAN | Part-2

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