Rani Durgavati who fought against the Mughals and never kneeled against enemies

Rani Durgavati History

Rani Durgavati

There is a different history of Rajputs in the history of India, whose iron courage was considered all over India. The Rajputs were ready to die for their motherland. One such queen was also among these Rajputs, who trembled from arrival to Mughal. Though women were not allowed to come out of the palace in Rajputs, but Rani Durgavati braved this practice of Rajputs and bravely fought in the battlefield. Rani Durgavati, like other Rajputs, never kneeled before the enemy. Rani Durgavati was not only a heroic warrior but also a skilled teacher who built the world famous buildings of Khajuraho and Kalinjar fort during her reign. It is also written in Rajputana in golden letters. Come, let us introduce you to the biography of Rani Durgavati, the same heroine Rajput.

Early life of queen durgavati
Rani Durgavati was born on 5 October 1524 AD into a historical Rajputana family. Queen Durgavati’s father Chandel Rajput Shakta Raja Salban and mother’s name was Mahoba. In 1542 Durgavati was married to Dalpat Shah, the elder son of Sangram Shah of the Gond Empire. Due to this marriage, these two dynasties became together. Due to the mass invasion of Chandel and Gond, Sher Shah Suri was attacked, in which Sher Shah Suri was killed.
In 1545 Durgavati gave birth to a boy Veer Narayan.

Five years after the birth of the child, Dalpat Shah died, leaving the throne vacant and the child Shishu Narayan was not able to take the throne. Rani Durgavati took the Rajapat in her hands and declared herself the Empress of the Gond Empire when Dalpat Shah’s opponents were searching for a qualified candidate. He immediately shifted his capital from Singurgarh to Chauragarh as the new capital of Ragond Kingdom came into his hands because the new capital Satpura hill was safer than before.

Rani Durgavati as an adventuress
Rani Durgavati had illuminated her name in the year of India in her first war. After Sher Shah’s death, Surrat Khan took over his charge, which was then ruling the Republic of Malwa. After Surt Khan, his son Bajbahadur took over the command, which was famous for his love for Rani Rupmati. As soon as he sat on the throne, Bajbahadur found it very easy to defeat a lady teacher, so he attacked the Gond kingdom of Rani Durgavati.

Baz Bahadur’s queen Durgavati had to suffer heavy defeat due to her mistake of being considered weak and many of her soldiers were injured. Due to the victory in this battle against Bajbahadur, Queen Durgavati’s sting was set in the states of Addos neighborhood. Now everyone started wishing to get the kingdom of Rani Durgavati, of which one Mughal Subedar Abdul Majid Khan was also there. Khwaja Abdul Majid Asaf Khan Kara was the ruler of Manikpur, which was the queen’s nearest empire. When he heard about the treasure of the queen, he thought of attacking.

After getting orders from Akbar, Asaf Khan set out towards Garha with a heavy army. When the Mughal army approached Damoh, the Mughal Subedar asked Rani Durgavati to accept Akbar’s subjection. Then Rani Durgavati said, “It is better to die with good pride than to live with stigma.” I have served my motherland for a long time and now I will not let my motherland be blotted. Now there is no way except war. ”The queen prepared her 2000 soldiers for the war.

Rani Durgavati’s advisors told the queen to hide in a safe place until all her army was gathered. Taking the advice of the advisors, the queen went towards the forest of Narai. During this time Asaf Khan reached Garha and started the task of capturing Ganrajyo. When he heard the news about the queen, he left his army in the neck and went after her. Listening to the movement of Asaf Khan, Rani explained to her advisors and soldiers, “How long will we continue to take refuge in the forests like this”. In this way, Rani Durgavati said that either she will win or she will be martyred while fighting like a hero.

Now Queen Durgavati, wearing war clothes, sat on the arm. Now a fierce battle broke out in which the soldiers on both sides suffered a lot of damage. In this battle, the queen emerged victorious and she pursued the fugitives. By the end of the day he spoke to his advisors. He planned to attack the enemy at night, because Asaf Khan would again attack in the morning, but no one obeyed him. But in the morning he did as he thought and Asaf Khan attacked. The queen, along with her elephant Saruman, landed in the battlefield and prepared for war.

He defeated Akbar’s army three times, but his son Raja Veer was badly wounded in this battle, who was fighting valiantly with the Mughals. When the queen heard this news, she immediately asked her trusted men to take her son to a safe place, but in the process many soldiers had gone with King Veer.

Last Moments (24 June 1564)
Even now the queen was fighting with Bahaduri, when suddenly an arrow entered one side of the neck of queen Durgavati. Rani Durgavati, with Bahuduri, threw out that arrow, but there was a huge wound at that place. In this way, the arrow penetrated inside her neck, which was also thrown out by Queen Durgavati, but she fainted. When she regained consciousness, it was found that her army had lost the battle. He said to the Mahavat, “I have always believed in you, and like every time you still do not let me fall into the hands of enemies and finish me with this sharp knife like a faithful servant”.

Mahawat refused, saying, “How can I use my hands for your death, the hands that I always put forward for you, I can only do so much for you that can get you out of this battlefield.” Huh, I have full faith in my sharp elephant ”. Hearing these words, she got angry and said “Do you choose such an insult for me”, then Rani Durgavati took a knife and snatched it in her stomach and Veeragati got like a heroine. After this Asaf Khan attacked Chauragarh, then the son of Rani Durgavati came to face him but he was killed. All the wealth of Rani Durgavati came into the hands of Asaf Khan. Rane Durgavati, like Veero for 16 years, set an example as a Rajput queen, which India can never forget.

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