PUB-G Mobile Game is Coming Back Soon

There is good news for PUB-G Mobile enthusiasts. Following the ban in the country. PUBG Corporation has canceled its franchise deal with Tencent Games in India for PUBG Mobile Games.

Yes! Meaning that no Chinese company has any right over PUBG. And in this case, there is speculation of the ban being lifted.

PUB-G Mobile Game Corporation

In an official blogpost, PUBG Corporation said that the company is actively monitoring the situation and respects the steps taken by the Indian government, as the privacy and security of players’ data is a top priority for the company.

In addition, it noted that the company hopes to work with the Indian government once again to make the game available to gamers, following all appropriate solutions. For this the company is also ready to follow all Indian laws.

In the post, the company explicitly stated in the post;

“After recent developments, PUBG Corporation has decided to withdraw the PUBG MOBILE franchise from Tencent Games in India. PUBG Corporation will now fulfill all publishing related responsibilities within the country. In the times to come, we are committed to making a comeback by improving the PUBG experience for users in India. ”

PUBG Mobile is actually a game owned by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean gaming company. The company is actively engaged in the development and publication of PUBG on a number of platforms including PUBG Mobile.

In addition to regular content updates, the company said that it would work to place its community in the country through local activities in various areas.

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