Prithviraj Chauhan -The Rajput King ruled the kingdom of Delhi

Prithviraj Chauhan -The Rajput King ruled the kingdom of Delhi
Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan was a Rajput king who ruled the kingdoms of Delhi and Ajmer in northern India in the 12th century. Prithviraj Chauhan was the last independent Hindu king to rule the throne of Delhi. This Rajput king, popularly known as Rai Pithora, was born in the Chauhan dynasty. Prithviraj Chauhan was born in 1149 in Ajmer. His father’s name was Someshwar Chauhan and mother’s name was Karpoori Devi.

Early life of Prithviraj Chauhan

From childhood, Prithviraj Chauhan was very brave and skilled in martial arts. He had practiced the word piercing arrow art since childhood, in which he used to aim accurately on the basis of voice. After his father’s death in the war in 1179, Chauhan was declared heir. He ruled the two capitals Delhi and Ajmer, which were handed over to him by his grandfather Nanak Akrapal and Angpal III of Tomra dynasty. As king, he undertook many campaigns to expand his empire and became known as a brave warrior. The glory of his war with Mohammad Gauri reached Samyukta, daughter of King Jaichand of Kanauj.

In the days of Jaychand’s fame, the rival Rajput dynasty had established itself in Delhi. At that time, Prithviraj Chauhan ruled Delhi, which was a brave and fearless person. Due to continuous military campaigns, Prithviraj had spread his empire to Sambhar, Gujarat and East Punjab of Rajasthan. Seeing his ever-increasing fame, the powerful Shaiker Jaichand started to envy him.

Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita Love Story
love story

When the tales of Prithviraj’s bravery reached Jayachand’s daughter Sanyogita, she started to love Prithviraj and secretly began to communicate with him. When Jayachand, the arrogant father of Sanyogita, came to know about this, he decided to teach his daughter and her lover Prithviraj a lesson.

Jaichand organized his daughter’s swayamvara in which the Hindu bride was allowed to choose her bridesmaid and every person who put a garland around her neck would become her queen. Jaichand sent an invitation to all the big and small princes of the country to join the royal swayamvara, but he deliberately did not send an invitation to Prithviraj. Not only this, to disrespect Prithviraj, place the idol of Prithviraj in place of the gatekeepers.

Prithviraj came to know of this thoughtful move of Jaichand and made a secret plan to get his girlfriend Sayongita. On the day of Swayamvar, Sayongita passed through all the princes who had gathered in the assembly. Ignoring everyone, he reached the main gate and put a necklace on the neck of the idol of Prithviraj, who was the gatekeeper. All the people gathered at the meeting were stunned by his decision as he honored a lifeless idol while making all the princes ashamed.

But Jaichand was still left with tremors. Prithviraj was standing behind the idol disguised as the gatekeeper and he slowly picked up Sanyogita and, riding on his horse, moved towards his capital Delhi at a rapid pace. Jaichand and his army followed them and as a result 1189 between those two states And in 1190 there was a fierce war in which both the armies suffered a lot of damage.

Muhammad Gauri’s invasion and Prithviraj’s generosity

Taking advantage of this battle of both Prithviraj and Jaichand, an Afghan intruder Muhammad Ghori entered India and defeated Ghaznavid’s army in Punjab. Muhammad Ghori now decided to extend his rule to the empire of Prithviraj. Muhammad Ghori laid siege to the fort of Bhatinda in eastern Punjab, which was the frontier province of Prithviraj. Hindus always followed the battle according to the rules of the war, after sunrise and in the day before sunset, but the old Muslim rulers always attacked the night when Hindu kings and soldiers were healing their soldiers.

Muhammad Gauri also made a sudden attack in the night and his ministers pleaded with help from Jaichand but Jaichand despised it and refused to help. The fearless Prithviraj sent his army towards Bathinda and in 1191 the ancient city of Thanesar He was confronted by his enemies at a place called Tarain. Due to the attack of stubborn Rajputs, Prithviraj conquered and the Muslim army escaped from the battle leaving Muhammad Ghori in front of Prithviraj.

Muhammad Gauri was tied in bed and brought to Prithviraj’s capital Pithoragarh and he begged mercy before Prithviraj. Muhammad Ghori sat on his knees and compared his power to Allah. According to the Vedic rules of India, Prithviraj forgave Muhammad Ghori because he was a foreign intruder and not a neighboring state. Bahadur Rajput Prithviraj respectfully released Muhammad Ghori.

Prithviraj Chauhan’s defeat and imprisonment

Muhammad Gauri did not respect the generosity of Prithviraj and in 1192 again attacked Prithviraj at night. Muhammad Ghori, with his already strong army, attacked Prithviraj before the midnight invasion of the Rajput army. This time the defeated Prithviraj was tied in bed and brought to Afghanistan.

Prithviraj Chauhan Prithviraj’s agony did not end there. While being a prisoner in the abyss, he was dragged to the court of Muhammad Ghori and tortured to become a Muslim. When Prithviraj was brought before Muhammad Gauri, he was staring at Gauri’s eye with an eye. This act of Prithviraj was very insulting to Gauri and he ordered Prithviraj to lower his eyes. Prithviraj told him that “Today I am alive because of me and the eyes of a Rajput are down only after death”.

On hearing this talk of Prithviraj, Gauri became furious and ordered Prithviraj to burn her eyes with hot bars. After bursting Prithviraj’s eyes, he was tortured several times by bringing him to the court of Gauri and he was abused by calling the culture of India as fake. At that time Chandravadai, a former biographer of Prithviraj, was with him and he wrote a saga on Prithviraj’s life called Prithviraj Raso. Chandvaradai asked Prithviraj to avenge the atrocities that happened to him.The Rajput King

Both of them got a chance when Gauri organized a game of archery. On the advice of Chandavardai, Prithviraj expressed his desire to join Gauri in this game. After hearing this thing of Prithviraj, Gauri’s courtier started laughing that how a blind person wants to participate in archery. Prithviraj told Muhammad Gauri that either he should kill him or else take part in the game. Chandravardai asked Prithviraj and told Gauri that as a king, he can obey the orders of a king. Muhammad Ghauri’s conscience was hurt and he agreed.

On the said day, Gauri was sitting on his throne and Prithviraj was brought to the field. Prithviraj was freed from bedio for the first time at that time. Gauri ordered Prithviraj to shoot arrows and Prithviraj shot an arrow towards Gauri towards Gauri’s voice and Gauri died at the same time. Chandravardai mentioned this scene in very beautiful words

Prithviraj’s sudden attack killed Gauri and the last Hindu ruler who ruled Delhi for the longest time was killed by Gauri’s ministers. He did not allow Prithviraj’s body to perform the rituals as per Hindu customs and buried his body near the tomb of Muhammad Ghori. He did not leave the tradition of spitting and humiliating Prithviraj’s tomb, which is still prevalent today. In this way a great Hindu reign came to an end and after this India remained under the Muslims for the next 700 years until the British Government came.The Rajput King

After this, many Hindu kings continued to liberate Delhi from the Muslims, in which Rana Anang Pal, Rana Kumbha, Raja Maldeo Rathod, Veer Durgadas Rathod, Rana Sanga, Raja Vikramaditya, Srimanta Biswas Rai, etc., faced the Muslim rulers for many years.

Prithviraj Chauhan Grave and Legacy

Prithviraj was buried in Afghanistan and pleaded many times to bring his tomb to India. According to a tradition in Afghanistan, people who see Gauri’s tomb first hit Chauhan’s tomb with chappal, jump on it and then enter to see Gauri’s tomb. Sher Singh Rana, who murdered Phoolan Devi, imprisoned in Tihar Jail, came to know of this when he escaped from Asia’s highest-security prison to bring India’s honor back to India Gayesher Singh Rana’s tomb of his kingdom Afghanistan set out in search of the man, but he had little guess about the location of the tomb. He only heard about the grave being insulted. He reached Khandar, Kabul and het finally reached Ghazni where he came to know about the grave of Muhammad Ghori. Talking to Rana about local people being Pakistan, he said that Gauri’s tomb should be restored. With his trickery, he dug up Chauhan’s tomb and brought it to India. His achievement was also recorded in photos and videos.

In 2005, Rana came to India and sent a courier from Chauhan to Asthaya Etawah and organized a festival with the help of local leaders. Rana’s mother Satwati Devi was the chief guest and blessed her son to bring India’s pride to India. After this, the Indian government ordered the removal of Chauhan’s tomb in Afghanistan and promised to hand over all the bones of this great emperor to India. Afghanistan accepted the idea of ​​India and the great Hindu Raj Prithvi Raj Chauhan was cremated with Vedic worship.The Rajput King

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