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phobos ransomware
Phobos Ransomware


Nowadays incidents like Hacking and stealing data have increased a lot. Many people have started stealing personal data and hackers carry out this work in many ways, such as a Virus, Hacking Software and Apps etc. But nowadays hackers are adopting a new way of hacking and stealing data, which is called Ransomware Wannacry in computer language and many people are affected or disturbed by it. Ransomware Wannacry has stolen the personal data of many people and remains the main weapon in hackers or the Dark Web today.


On 12 May 2017, ransomware wannacry attacks in more than 70 countries of the world aroused public consciousness.

Ransomware remains a topic of discussion all over the world. The ransomware is usually transmit between email or pop-ups. In this, people’s data is blocked and if the ransom is not given, the data is threatened to be destroyed.

Recently ransomware wannacry attackers demanded a $ 300 ransom in Bitcoin to unlock data from millions of computers and employees worldwide. It is not that only ransomware has been sent to the common people. Big companies and governments are also fearing their data. In many rumors, the use of ransomware is being spread on the use of online banking to ATMs. There is a need to be careful with these rumors.

But what is this ransomware, and how to avoid it? Do You Know What Ransomware Wannacry Is? How to avoid it?

If not, I am going to help you in this post today and will tell you what ransomware is and how you can protect your machine (computer, laptop or Smartphone) from this dangerous virus or hacking software.

What is ansomware Wannacry?

Wikipedia Se – This is a form of malware that is often spread as spam email. Ransomware is a type of malicious ransom software. It is created in such a way that it incorporates all the files of any computer system. As soon as the software encrypts these files, it starts asking for a ransom and threatening that if not paid that much, it will ruin all the files on the computer. After this, the computer user cannot view or use these files until he has paid the ransom.


The special thing is that in this, the time limit is set for repaying the ransom amount and if one does not pay the money in time, then the ransom amount increases for that.

phobos ransomware

How to make your machine (Computer and Mobile) safe with ransomware –

Create a Security Plan for your Business
In large business houses, it is very difficult to apply security updates on the whole business. If the security of an employee’s machine or computer goes wrong then other machines can also be affected by this entire network. Employees in IT Profession should be educated about suspicious e-mail.

Create Data Backup
If a hacker hijacks or hacks your computer, the data must be stored somewhere else to avoid this situation. It can also be a physical hard drive. In this case, if a hacker locks your machine, you can delete all the data from the machine and restore it from backup.

Install Antivirus Software
You should use the latest security patch along with keeping Windows updated. Good Antivirus software can protect your computer from being affected by malware. You should consider choosing the right antivirus. According to a survey, 30% of Famous Antivirus Systems are able to detect and eliminate malware.

phobos ransomware

Update software
According to security experts, this ransomware affects the machine or computer after being downloaded from email. Do not download suspicious emails on your machine. If the machine has top security updates then the machine will not be affected. If you want to make pc safe from ransomware attack then latest software updates should be installed on PC.


Avoid Risky Emails and Popups –
Security experts believe that wannacry initially affects computers through email attachments. Therefore, you should avoid clicking on the link for the suspicious email. You should watch carefully from which address the email is being sent. Ransomware makers often use pop-ups Windows. Avoid clicking on anything through these popups. You should only open the required emails. You should delete unnecessary emails immediately.

phobos ransomware

What to do if already affected –
If you are already a victim of ransomware, then first of all you should disconnect your computer from the internet. This way the other computer will not be affected. After this you should also seek legal help. You should meet a technology professional and tell about your problem. He can give you the right opinion about data recovery. You should act wisely in order to worry.

Quick Solutions –
Block Executable (.exe) files from e-mail.
Immediately separate the ransomware attack system from your network.
Restore files encrypted with Backup or with system restore points. \
Install and configure eScan in all active security modules.
Do not enable macro in documents coming through email attachment.
Do not open the attachment from unknown source.
Maintain a Backup solution and apply it.
You should avoid having the same password for your Internet connected services.
Secure the mail server at gateway lavel through Mail scane so that such email can be stopped.
Be fully informed about the quality of your entertainment.

So friends, here was my information about ransomware wannacry and how you can avoid it. I hope you have liked this information and it will be very helpful for you. For other similar information, always stay connected with my website and keep visiting the website.

phobos ransomware

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