In ancient times, there was an attack of locusts during the reign of Pharaoh king of Egypt

Pharaoh king of Egypt
Greatest Pharaohs of Egypt

Locusts also attacked Egypt during King Pharaoh’s reign. The Bible mentions this attack. During that time God gave the Prophet S.A.L. Had indicated this to Hazrat Musa.

When Prophet Musa grew up he came to know that the Egyptians make our Egyptians do a lot of hard work and keep them enslaved. Hazrat Musa also came to know that our land is Israel, then he started raising his voice for the rights and justice of his people. Then Prophet Musa heard the voice of the Lord Jehovah on a hill. The Lord said that I am the God of your ancestors. Then God spoke of the sufferings of his people and the tyranny of the Egyptians and assured them that I will free you from all these sufferings and take you to a good country.

Moses, along with Aaron, assisted his people. Took them out of slavery and took them to their country and talked about living a new life. When Pharaoh knew all these things, he was enraged. Pharaoh said to Moses and Aaron that you are bothering people and removing them from work. You are provoking them. Then Pharaoh ordered severe punishments to all the Hebrew people working.

Moses said this to his God and also complained. Then the Lord Jehovah said, I will be with you. I will do many miracles in Egypt. But that king still will not listen, then I will punish Egypt badly and I will take my people out of that country. Then the Egyptians will know that I am Jehovah.

In this way, the Lord Jehovah tried to bring the king of Egypt and the Egyptians through Hazrat Musa by performing many miracles to bring people to the path of truth, but people did not agree, then the cycle of punishment went on. Then there were ten kinds of plagues in Egypt. Such as the panic of flies, the spread of epidemics in animals in the fields, sudden boils in people, pimple, hailstorms and locust attacks.

By Yahweh’s order Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, ‘How long will you refuse to obey my commands,’ says the Lord, the God of the Hebrew people? Let my people go to worship me! If you refuse my people to go, I will bring locusts to your country tomorrow. Locusts will cover the entire land. The number of locusts will be so high that you will not be able to see the land. Locusts will eat anything that has survived the hailstorm.

Locusts will eat all the leaves of trees in the plains. And Locusts will fill all your houses, all the houses of your officers and all the houses of Egypt. Locusts will be here more than the locusts your fathers have ever seen. Ever since the people started living in Egypt, there would have been more locusts than there had ever been. ”Moses preached this message and he left.
Pharaoh did not take Moses’ warning seriously, then Moses raised his stick over the land of Egypt, and the Lord lifted the storm from the east. The storm continued throughout the day and night. When dawn, the typhoon brought locusts to Egypt.

There was an outcry in the entire state. Locusts destroyed everything. Seeing this, Pharaoh panicked and told Hazrat Musa and Aaron that I am your God and your criminal. please forgive me. Hearing this, when Hazrat Musa prayed to the Lord, Jehovah raised a strong thunderstorm from the west and he flew the locusts away into the Red Sea.
Reference: Bible – Exodus 2: 10-20

Pharaoh king of Egypt

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