Pawanmuktasana removes stomach troubles, know the way and benefits of doing it

Pawanmuktasana removes stomach troubles, know the way and benefits of doing it

Pawanmuktasan is such an asana, which removes all stomach problems. Pawanmuktasana is composed of three words Pawan, Mukta and Asana. In this, wind means “air”, free means “quit” and asana means “pose”. That is, it is such a pose, by which the excess and harmful gases of the body are released. In English, Pawanmuktasan is called ‘gas-releasing pose’ or ‘wind releasing pose’. People who have digestive problems, if they do this asana, they will definitely benefit. Along with eliminating stomach problems, this pose has many other benefits. This asana has a positive effect on the health of both body and mind. So let’s know in detail about this pose.

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What is the right way to do Pawanmuktasana?

It should be done only after taking correct information of practicing Pawanmuktasana. So today we are going to tell its the correct method.

  • To perform Pawanmuktasana, first of all, place a mat or carpet in a clean and cool place.
  • Now lie on your back straight on your back.
  • During this time, every part of your body should be relaxed and in a comfortable position.
  • Before starting Pawanmuktasan, take some deep breaths in this situation. This is a kind of warm-up before doing this asana.
  • Wind relieving pose
  • After this, raise both your legs up together.
  • Now bend both your knees and bring them towards your chest.
  • After this, hold both hands with your bent knees.
  • During this time your shoulders should be on the ground and the eyes should be centered on the knees.
  • Put yourself in this position for a few minutes.
  • When you become proficient in this Yogasan, you can also advance it. To do an advance pose, in the same position you are in, raise your face up and make your forehead touch your knees.
  • After this, slowly return to your normal state.

These are the advantages of Pawanmuktasana posture

Relieve back pain
People who suffer from back or lower back pain face a lot of difficulty in doing everyday tasks. Not only this, there is also problem in movement like getting up, sitting and bending. Performing Pawanmuktasan relieves back pain, especially from lower back pain. This yoga poses a significant pressure on the spine while joining the chest and knees. This allows a good massage of the spinal cord and other muscles.

Give relief from gas problem
Nowadays the formation of gas in the stomach is becoming a common problem in people. It is believed that the problem of gas is due to lack of water in the body. There can be many other reasons for this, such as frequent eating, high fat or greasy diet, weak digestion, etc. But Pawanmuktasan has proved effective in addressing acidity and gas problems. Waking up in the morning for only a short period of time helps in fighting the gas problem.

Good full body exercise
Everyday physical exercises are very important for every person. When we do some work, all the parts of our body become active and metabolism improves. By doing this asana, every part of the body from the head to the feet starts working. Along with this, the muscles of the body are also stretched well. That is, there is good exercise of the whole body.

Increase digestive power
Digestion is a very important metabolic process occurring in the body. The process of converting foods into energy begins in the digestive system itself. If it is said that a person is completely healthy, it means that his digestive system is correct. If your diet is digested well, then all parts of your body will be able to function well. Along with this, concentration and meditation will also help. Not only this, this asana is also beneficial in relieving constipation problem, which is due to the lack of digestion. If you also have this problem, then do Pawanmuktasan daily. You will get good results soon.

Beneficial for couples
Pawanmuktasana is a yogasana strengthening muscles and joints. When doing this easy, we bend our knees near the upper part of the body, then our thighs feel stretched. The muscles around the thighs will also benefit through this asana. Not only this, this asana is also beneficial for hips, legs, bones and joints. Pawanmuktasana removes stomach troubles

Maintain blood circulation better
This asana is also considered beneficial for increasing blood circulation in the body. If the blood circulation in the body is not correcting, it can cause problems like lethargy and sluggishness throughout the day. But by doing Pawanmuktasana, blood reaches all parts of the body easily and you feel refreshed throughout the day.

Reduce fat
By performing Pawanmuktasana one feels pressure in the stomach. By which you can reduce the excess fat around your belly. If you want to reduce belly fat, then this easy must be done daily in the morning. Constant practice of Pawanmuktasana also removes excess fat around your thighs and hips.

Mental gain
Every posture under yoga has a purpose to provide mental peace. Performing Pawanmuktasana will also keep our mind calm and active. When the mind is calm, your concentration and decision-making ability will also increase. That is, this asana is very beneficial for the body as well as the mind.

Under what circumstances should you not perform Pawanmuktasana?

  • If you have high blood pressure problem, then Pawanmuktasan should not be done.
  • Avoid doing this asana even if you have a heart problem or hyperacidity.
  • Do not do it even in the condition of hernia, hemorrhoids and abdominal swelling.
  • If you have any problem or injury in your neck or back, then it is not advisable to do this yoga practice.
  • Women should not do this asana even during menstruation.
  • This posture should not be done if there is a problem with the slip disc.
  • Pregnant women should not perform Pawanmuktasana, especially after the second trimester. During this time, you should not do any asana without doctor’s advice and expert guidance.

If you are not used to exercising regularly and you have not yet done Pawanmuktasan. So it should be done slowly and carefully. Like other yoga asanas, Pawanmuktasan should not be done on your own. Rather, first learn it from a yoga expert. It is then advised to do it under his guidance only. Along with this, it is also mandatory to consult a doctor.

The above information is not a substitute for medical advice. Therefore, before doing any yoga, please consult a doctor. does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Pawanmuktasana removes stomach troubles

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