Partition of India 1947 Which you must know Part-1

The Partition of India 1947 was done on the basis of the Indian Independence Act 1979. Built on the basis of Mountbatten Plan. It was said in the Act that on 15 August 1947.

Two autonomous investments are made called the Dominion of India and Pakistan and the British Government will hand over power to them.

Partition of India 1947

With independence, the Dominion of Pakistan (later Jamhuria e Pakistan) was established on 14 August and the Union of India (later Republic of India) on 15 August.

In this development, mainly the province of Bengal in British India was divided into East Pakistan. And West Bengal state of India and similarly Punjab province of British India was divided into Punjab province of western Pakistan and Punjab state of India.

During this time Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Burma (now Myanmar) were also separated from British India, but it is not included in the partition of India.

Similarly, the partition of Pakistan in 1971 and the establishment of Bangladesh are also not counted in this development. (Nepal and Bhutan were also independent states during this period and were not affected by this partition.)

India and Pakistan became legally two independent nations on the midnight of 15 August 1947. But Pakistan’s power conversion rituals were performed in Karachi on 14 August.

So that the last British Viceroy Louis Mountbatten, both in Karachi and New Delhi could participate in the rituals. Hence Independence Day is celebrated on 14 August in Pakistan and 15 August in India.

Crores of people were affected by the partition of India. Nearly 1 million people died in the violence during the partition. About 1.45 crore refugees left their homes and took refuge in a majority-sectarian country.[ Partition of India 1947 ]

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